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No Courage Required

Today, as I debated weather to appear at my son's school to encourage him to do right or to cut the lawn, I received a call from a kindred of soul. As we discussed an upcoming event, he said to me he admired my courage for taking a stand on certain issues. My mind went to my grandmother at his comment. She always said, "Do right and stay in church. God will be with you all your days." Although I have yet to find those words in the Bible, I do believe in what she said. Doing right does not require courage, it just requires doing. It is right to breathe and it requires no special courage. There are times and events in one's life that requires one to do right, and just like breathing no courage is required.

Where is the courage requirement to tell Congress "No" when it comes to exchanging UE benefits for continued tax cuts? What courage is required to pass a health care reform act that allows all Americans to have access to health care via a public option? How much courage is required to say "No" to the UN when it comes to involving our country in another ambiguous military operation? When will doing what is right take precedence over courage to do what is right?

Our president needs to give up on bi-partisan legislation. Bi-partisan is a lovely idea. I, myself, enjoy being able to reach a consensus with others. I have often gone with blue when I actually wanted green. However, I am known for not bending when it comes to what I believe to be right. I have almost a Reaganish ability to forge through opposition to achieve that I consider to be right. Unlike Reagan, I will change position when confronted with logic. I digress. President Obama needs to give up hope of bi-partisanship. He needs to govern this country based on the ideals on which he campaigned. The Republicans (i.e. Scott Walker) are doing all of the nation busting/destroying things they promised they would do during their campaigns. Our president needs to get on board with his promises. He need to try even if they fail.

My view may be simple. As one of my buddies tells me he may have privilege information that keeps him from acting on the ideals of his candidacy for POTUS. If he has such information then he should, via the transparency of his administration, make it public. I have also been told he may be waiting for his second term to come out roaring on the planks of 2008 run for president. I ask, why should we wait for 2012. We have problems now that need to be resolved, now.

I understand that as POTUS he does not actually put policy into action or even enforce it. I know we should be more concerned about whom we elected to local, state, and Congress than who is the POTUS. However, the POTUS is suppose to be the cheerleader who can move local, state, and Congressional officials to his/her policies.

I know it has been hard for our current president given the "positive" attention the "liberal" media has given to him from the day he won the election. I know it has not been easy for him when members of his own party,the party which controlled both chambers of Congress at the time of his election, refused to back legislation he proposed. I understand how the progressive population's expectation of him to be the wizard to fix the George W. Bush leg-mess-acy without given to him positive feedback is daunting to say the least. However, it is for the president to remain strong and steadfast under such conditions. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both remain true to their destructive agendas in the face of massive public disapproval. (Keep your eyes on those who report history. I expect W. to become a great man just like Ronald Reagan)

We the people need to do a few things:

Stop being afraid to criticize the president. He will win re-election simply based on the quality of Republicans running.
We need to show to him and Congress that we support progressive measures.
We need to engage others at the state and local levels.

We can not wait until 2012. We must do something now. Today. This hour.


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