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Listening Skills

I think I may know our problem in America. We are not listening to each other. After I got Vitter's message of "not listening to me", I got another message of "not listening to me" from Congress. I now know Stivers is not listening. It is ok if he does not vote as I desire but at the least acknowledge you have heard me. I do not think I shall "like" him on FB. I know, childish, yet I am ok with my behavior. Smile. We need to listen to each other with acknowledgement of one another's view. It is no longer enough to just say hooray for our side. We are discussing our country. At the rally Saturday we allowed a Tea Party member to say a few words to which we listened. Listening did not change me but I understood how he could hold such views. The House needs to listen to me, you and other Americans. The House needs to put aside the dictates of corporations. We must make them listen.

February 15, 2011 Click here if you have trouble viewing this email

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Stivers Votes to Repeal Health Care Bill

Stivers to Serve on Two Financial Services Subcommitees

Congressman Stivers Co-Sponsors Bill to do Away With Burdensome 1099 Requirement

Stivers Visits With Wounded Members of the Military at Walter Reed


Congressman Stivers Votes to Cut Congressional Budget

Congressman Stivers Sworn in as Member of Historic 112th Congress

First Votes Scheduled

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