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Progressives speakers in Mississippi

Last Saturday, February 26th, a few Mississippians gathered together to support unions, teachers, police, firefighters, protesters in Wisconsin and to alert Mississippians to how we too may shoot ourselves in the collective foot. I expected a large number of Tea Party people to appear. The Tea Party propaganda machine is well oiled and sexy. I, a member of and the teamsters union( do not have a sexy, smooth sales pitch. We only have the naked truth, which has been trying to get attention for the last 11 years.

I am not sure how to dress the truth where it will gain attention of those who are opting out of the political process and those who continue to fall for the sexy-smooth pitch of those who encourage voting against self-interest. I am not sure how to dress the truth to get progressives to run for office in Mississippi even when it looks to be a losing battle. Currently the Republicans in Mississippi do not have a Democratic challenger for Lt. Governor, Secretary of State or State Auditor. I pray the Green Party of Mississippi has candidates. ( I enjoy wine, craps, and sex too much to run for office. Also, I am not afraid to tell the truth as it is and not as we may want it to be). I do have someone in mind to run for office,the woman who took the videos in the links below. I have asked her husband to get her to run for office in Mississippi. She is very passionate about progressive policies and works in the community, at ground level, to promote such policies. I doubt if anyone would be able to attack her moral code in this uber-Christian state. If allowed, I will post her name online so we can get her to be a write in candidate.

I am posting links to the speeches given by those at the rally at the capitol in Jackson, MS last week. A word of caution, I am not a professional protester or speaker. I am passionate about my country and the freedoms we enjoy. After 9/11, I saw fearful Americans giving away their rights to the government. I saw predators waiting in the wings ready to consume the rights of Americans. We now see the results of being fearful (Wisconsin and Ohio). It is time for us to let go of the fear and to organize for a better tomorrow. We as adults must accept the truth that we are all on this rock together and we must work together for a better world.

Remember we have more work to do. is holding organizing parties until Tuesday, March 8th to prepare for the next events. If you can host a party to help frame our national voice please click on the link below.


Dr. McElvaine

Father Jerry Tobin

Mr. Bill Chandler MIRA

Carl Gibson – US UnCut

Luke Lundemo – (Listen to this speech. He nails it for Americans)

Albert Gore (Listen to this speech. Our elder telling the truth to us - it hurts but it is a truth we need to hear)

Bob McElvaine – Millsaps College

Scott Nine – Institute for Democratic Education in America

Sue Harmon – WJTV Interview

Jerry Tobin and Savina Schoenhofer - Prayer and Song


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