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J-State is so scary

I have just arrived home after attending a meeting in Jackson. I should be asleep yet I feel compelled to write my thoughts on a matter that occurred last night on my job that really pissed off my other self.

A young lady at the job informed me that she was thinking of going to the "W" in the fall. When I asked her major she stated pre-med. After learning her major and her ACT scores, I suggested Jackson State University. I suggested JSU for I had recently learned of the number of students from other universities in the who transfer to JSU. A Black woman nearby overhead our conversation. She immediately stated how dangerous JSU was. She mentioned the woman that was abducted from the campus. I informed the young girl that women are snatched all over the world. As women we must remain alert when out and about. I then informed the young lady that her scores would qualify her for a larger number of scholarships at JSU. The other woman them piped up to say that JSU was a sorry school. She spoke of her cousin who became an alcoholic after graduating from JSU. It was after the last statement that I decided to let the matter drop. I congratulated the young lady on continuing her education.

I did not attend JSU. I only recommend JSU based on recent reports. JSU has done much over the last 10 years to ensure the safety of it's students. The woman's perception is the result of media indoctrination.

I am not saying Jackson is Disneyland. I am saying there seems to be a concentrated effort to make Jackson and JSU to appear as the murder capitol of Mississippi. I could tell the woman in my story never lived in Jackson and nor had she attended college. Her type of thinking hinders the development of young people to their full potentials.

I would write more but I must sleep. It is my hope that people will be more positive and more informed.

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