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A shot in the foot

I am a devout independent when it comes to politics. I refuse to be roped into supporting either of the two main parties in the United States. I will stand behind a candidate who speaks to issues I find to be most important to me. Having said all of the above I shall now rant and rave about the Democratic party. I am sleepy and a bit perturbed with Democrats.

After the November mid-term elections many blamed President Obama for the losses. I blame spineless Democrats. In 2006 Democrats were elected to office across this nation. Instead of using the power of a call from the people to implement progressive policies, they continued the failed Bush policies. Local and state Democrats across the nation began to adopt Republican practices in vain attempts to cement their political careers. Instead of coming together to support progressive legislation they turned on each other. It is an embarrassment. I have watched Republicans stand together on bone headed policies such as subsidies for oil companies. Yet Democrats refuse to come together to support HCR. Democrats in Mississippi have gone so far underground they do not have anyone running for State Auditor or Secretary of State.

Recently in my home state a democrat has launched a "birther" movement of sorts against another Democrat. Who is helped in the long run by such attacks?

We need clean campaigns and we need people unafraid to stand up for progressive policies. We do not need someone willing to sell his/her soul for a position. We need real people with real love for America and Americans to step-up, put career politicians out of office, and to provide the leadership needed.

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