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Mommy what is a warchest?

Last month as a gaze through the local state paper in Mississippi, Clarion Ledger, I read a piece about my senator, Roger Wicker. The article mentioned how Wicker was a shoe in to be reelected in 2012. The article also mentioned something about Wicker doing little to protect Mississippi in regards to health care and public education. The two items Mississippians use the most. Given Wicker does not work hard to protect Mississippians, I had to wonder why he would be a shoe in to win. The article mentioned a war-chest. This war-chest is Wicker's right to win the election.

Why is a war chest required to win elections? Who fills these war chests? What do you get in return for filling a war chest? ( Is the system honest when it depends so much on war chests?

It would be a major upset if people in this country would look beyond a war chest and see the candidates running for office. It is important that we stop relying on the media to give us third party information on candidates for office. We must make the effort to get out to meet the candidates. I have to wonder if the people of Wisconsin took the time to meet with Walker during the campaign?

We need candidates who are more concerned with governing than fund raising. The internet has given to us new means to meet the candidate and for candidates to meet the people. We are no longer beholden to the corporate controlled media outlets. This election cycle 2011 and for the 2012 election cycle we need to do something different to make something different happen.


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