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I Need More ....

Today, a buddy and I argued over United States' involvement in Libya. She is for it, saying our president had no choice. I am against it, saying we did not have enough facts to act so quickly. I need more information as to why we are really in Libya. There are so many African nations where people are being slaughtered yet we are doing nothing. Why did we react so swiftly? Who are these rebels? Is our mission to bring down Qaddafi or to hamstring him enough to allow his people to bring him down? If we hamstring him enough to allow his people to bring him down then is our goal to bring him down?

Sen. Levin this morning explained that we became involved in Libya because the international community called for us to take action. I need more information as to why an international call was made for us to act against Libya but not Saudi Arabia, a country that violates human rights, support terrorist training, and has oil( I would also like to know if France makes a call does that make it an international call or would Russia and China be required to sign off on military action as well ( Given the man I called Daddy fought in Vietnam, I am not too keen on taking up a war started by the French.

It is not so much I am pro Qaddafi as much as I am pro do not put my young people in harms way over more mess. We need to ask questions before jumping into war. Think about it John McCain and Newt Gingrich were for military action in Libya before being against it. We need to ask questions. Did the people of Libya call for us to aid them? Where were the undertones of rage in Libya? Egypt's uprising should have not come a surprise to anyone because of the rage that has been simmering for years in Egypt. Syria, is also another spot that should not come as a shock. I look any day for Saudi Arabia to burst at the seams with people (women) demanding their freedoms. It is highly possible that I have missed something in Libya. Libya is one of the few places on this planet where I do not have a personal buddy or two.

Because I do not have a connection to Libya I can only make a theory as to how the people in Libya feel.( I have, to date, only heard from people outside of Libya about Libya. We need to have more information before using military might in foreign nations.


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