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Don't bring me down

I awoke with the chorus from the song Don't Bring Me Down in my head. The chorus played as my thoughts continued to be focused on Libya and the reaction of the liberals in America.

There seems to be a rift in the fractured grouping of liberals in America over Libya. Some are for the invasion while not happy with the constitutionality of the invasion. Others in the liberal camp are outright upset with the invasion while understanding the precedent Bush established by invading Iraq. We need to not allow Libya to bring us down.

We need to come together to maintain the fire that Scott Walker started for us in Wisconsin. That fire forged a bound in American liberals that has been missing since 2008. We need not allow Libya to break the bound.

We need to stay focus on the narrative that bounds our diverse group together. The narrative that puts all people first. This narrative does not allow corporations to usurp the power of the people. This narrative calls for corporations to pay taxes. This narrative calls for all in America to have access to the basic needs of life even if the 2% must pay the pre-Bush tax rates. We must stay focused on our collective narrative. We must speak this narrative to all we meet. We must speak it to ourselves. We should use it as a ruler by which we measure our actions. If something does not uplift all people then we should not do it. The narrative is that simple.

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