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Whew it can be done

Never give up hope. I managed on a dial-up connection to be able to send an email to each of the U.S. senators using the communication form. I finished before 12AM Monday morning. Whew greater is he that is in me than the call of my bed(smile).

I shall now await the responses, which I shall post here by Saturday. I hope that I encourage one person reading this blog to contact an elected official. Apathy will be the death of this nation.

Book Link

I was up late for the second night in a row. I am attempting to contact via email each of the senators. My question for them is: In two words or less what in your view the most important item to cut from the budget? I am waiting with baited breath for their responses, which I shall pass on to those who read this blog.

It is a long hard task when one is on dial-up but a task that can be done.

The link to my book is

It is my hope to get the price lower so even the unemployed can afford the gift of laughter it brings. If possible I shall post the actual file online.

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NK the problem

Last night I prepared another post for the blog. However today, the question of North Korea kept coming to mind. What are we to do about North Korea?
I sent our a tweet earlier this morning to ask the same question. At this point in time we have been in Afghanistan longer than the. U.S.S.R. If those initials mean nothing to you then that should let you know the fate of those who fight long drawn out wars against people with nothing to lose.
Mr. Kim's timing is great. He makes these moves at a time when we have two wars, huge loan from China, and Republicans in Congress bent on not raising taxes.
So the question remains what do we do about NK?
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The Day After

It is the day after Thanksgiving here in the States. I am too stuffed to roll over to use the remote to turn on the television. I figure it is just more of the same dumb down America junk from the previous day. The MSM( main stream media) seems to be working in overdrive to dumb down as many Americans as possible.

Case in point, Prince Williams's engagement. Should his engagement makeup 20% of a broadcast? I thought his mother to be a wonderful person but I do not consider his wedding to be of national importance. The Royals are token leaders from an outdated mode of government. We as Americans should be more concerned about the PM and Parliment.

Who will design her wedding dress is not as important as the security measures being taken at the airports. Our responses to the new security measures are more important. I laughed until I cried at the news of one airline passenger wearing a bikini. We need to discuss more on what this war on terror has done to our lives.

Who wil…

Thanksgiving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today in the U.S. we give thanks for our many blessings during the year.

I am thankful that my family is still breathing. I am thankful that I have not slayed the entire bunch for the dumb stuff they do. Life is good and I am thankful for it.

I am thankful that someone had given to the president the okay to fight back. Since the people giving the okay are of the Caucasian racially category, he may actually listen. He has spent the first two years of hid administration attempting to appease the Fox News viewers to no avail.
I give thanks that he decided, at some point in the last year, to acknowledge the lost cause of attempting to convert Fox News devotees to a progressive mindset. He is starting to show a firm hand.
I am also thankful that Nancy Pelosi is still in offfice. Pardon me as I choke on some crow. I never thought the day would come that I would be thankful to have that overtly self-serving female in office. However, she will continue to hold …

Still ticked: Voting

As I watched the finale of DWTS, I thought to myself that show probably had more voters than the mid-term elections. We ad Americans have dropped to a new low.

In the 2010 mid-term elections only 37% of registered voters voted. I am not upset with the republican gains, I am upset that 67% of voters allowed 37% to make a decision for them. The mid-term elections matter more than the presidential election. In the mid-term elections we vote directly for whom we wish to represent us. The presidential election we vote for proxies who will vote for us. Proxies who are not required to vote as we voted.
Many times I wonder if I am all alone in the watching of this maddness that plays out in front of me. Who is willing to work a job and then turn over 67% of his/her net to a co-worker? We have become a nation of people who are complacent as long ad we do not endure too much pain. When the pain becomes too great we self-medicate ourselves with reality television back into a state of complac…


I understand the importance of planning yet I do not understand the importance of waiting for 2012 to govern. Sure the disinformation campaign that started November 3rd 2008 served to get the far right into office during a mid-term election however; I do not see a longterm smear campaign to be the answer we need.

We need people to govern according to the offices to which they have been elected. The real reason the blue dog dems where kicked out this election is their failure to lead in a manner that is consistent with progressive thinking. The 2006 mid-term election was a referendum from the people whom had grown tired of failed policies that only served to enrich a select few. The dems of the 2006 election did nothing. They told the people to wait until 2008. They did nothing to offset the Bush polices,reason they were elected, in the two years following 2010. Finally in 2010 they were replaced. The remaining dems need to take note. Stop the in fighting. Support progressive mea…

Taxing the wealthy

Now just where do I began? The Colts loss yesterday has my mind somewhat befuddled. However, I shall do my best to present a picture of the rage that boils on the surface of my thoughts. I remeber a time prior to the enactment of the 2001 tax cuts when I was in the 250k earnings. I had at that time one child and mo tax shelters. Long story short I was paying taxes. However I seemed to have a larger amount of disposable income. Even after providing for my son, mother, and grandmother I still had money left to for my addiction. Given my history it amazes me that there are those feeding death and gloom stories to the mass about tax hikes.

The first question a thinking person should ask and answer is did the taxcuts of 2001 improve the financial status of the United States. Did it? Warren Buffett and even some millionaires are standing up to say trickle down does not work.

These fat cats are not speaking out because of some alturistic motivation. They are speaking out to preserve …

Sunday Afternoon

Today I attempt to think of some witty political slant to take on the news; yet I have nothing. I am watching the battle royal between the Steelers and the Raiders. It is now 4th quarter and the Steelers barring anything dumb will win this game. However, there has been so much drama on the field it is hard to tear yourself away from the game. I shall wax more in the morning on the rich and the not rich in America.

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Stimulus not working

The campaign rhetoric has died down... somewhat. There were many items that stood out in this mid-term election. The one that has my attention is how the stimulus package did not work.

How can the stimulus package work if it was not used to it's fullest? What sane person truly expects something to work when it is not used.

I found it to be thought provoking that those campaigning on the lack of merit to the stimulus package were the ones keeping the funds from being used. There is still a huge amount of money not spent.

It seems as if someone cried wolf at the expense of the American public. The whole truth should have been told and not just truths that benefited one person over another. However I can not blame a con artist for bring a con artist. I can only speak to those who swallowed the story hook, line, and sinker.

Until we the American public take it upon ourselves to gain full truths; we will continue to have underfunded good intentions in Washington.

The next time…

Man Up Prez!!!

Well, finally, someone, with more political sway than I, has told the president to man-up. James Carville’s statement regarding the president’s performance became the talk of the news. His statement only reflects the frustration that has been growing amongst the progressives since February of 2009.

Progressives have been waiting for the president to promote real change even if Congress did anything about it or not. The lack of the president’s willingness to take a strong stance on any of the proposals from his campaign has left many on the far left disenchanted. They were looking for someone who cared more about making positive changes than be re-elected. It seems the president has only given more of the “Washington” same.

Within the circles of the far-left it has longed been acknowledge that the Bush years bankrupted this country not only financially but also socially and politically. Whoever was chosen after Bush would have a long hard row to hoe but it was not impossible. …

FDA Cans Down!!??!!

It would be so wrong for me not to rant on the latest FDA push into the lives of the American people. I am of course speaking about the taking off the shelves of the caffeinated alcoholic drinks. It is not so much I am a heartless witch as it is I am against time wasting efforts that producing nothing. When I spend hours playing Kingdom Live on my iPhone I am at the least producing pleasure for myself. This recent ruling of the FDA has produced nothing but a small amount of panic in the minds of coffee drinkers.

Given that, those who enjoy such beverages will still have access to alcohol and caffeine; will the FDA now pull coffee off the shelves? Will I now be forced to show idea when I go to my local Wal-Mart to buy coffee? I recall that was the measure taken with pseudoephedrine to slow the production of meth. Will Wal-Mart be the recipient of a huge fine for selling more than one container of coffee to me in a week? CVS never thought it would happen to them.

Ok there are so…

Whew!!! What a week

Recently I had issues with a password connected to my blog. However, I take the issue as a sign that America is mad(aka crazy). I was mad to expect my apps to work after changing a password and America is mad for just accepting Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

Ok. What can I say? Harry Reid is still Majority leader in the Senate? WTF??? Are the dems into S/M and light bondage? Why Harry Reid? Really if anyone knows why, please let me know. His re-election was not a mandate given his opponent was crazy than two squirrels on anti-freeze. Have we finally reached the bottom of the barrel in finding leaders?

Harry Reid is the reason a majority of the progressive measures taken over the last 18 months have been stalled. The man has no backbone. Geez. Really?!?! A bi-partisan movement should have occurred to remove Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

I have more on which to rant, however; for now I am just stunned.

Welcome Back

Thanks everyone!!!!

I am back to rant and to rave about the state of our nation from a liberal view point. I shall have daily rants starting November 8th.

I do not claim to have the answers but I have do claim to have reason.