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I understand the importance of planning yet I do not understand the importance of waiting for 2012 to govern. Sure the disinformation campaign that started November 3rd 2008 served to get the far right into office during a mid-term election however; I do not see a longterm smear campaign to be the answer we need.

We need people to govern according to the offices to which they have been elected. The real reason the blue dog dems where kicked out this election is their failure to lead in a manner that is consistent with progressive thinking. The 2006 mid-term election was a referendum from the people whom had grown tired of failed policies that only served to enrich a select few. The dems of the 2006 election did nothing. They told the people to wait until 2008. They did nothing to offset the Bush polices,reason they were elected, in the two years following 2010. Finally in 2010 they were replaced. The remaining dems need to take note. Stop the in fighting. Support progressive measures that will get this country growing. Stop waiting until the next election. They need to act now.

The new repubs in office need not become comfortable. There were less people voting on this mid-term than in 2006. The wins by these repubs mean nothing for 2012. Should they continue the trickle down polices of the Regan years on today's voters they will see their numbers cut by more than half. People today are aware that tricke down does not work. 2001 - 2010, the years of the Bush tax cuts did nor prevent the economic hardship faced by many Americans. They must also act today in favor of the people and not the corporations.

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