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FDA Cans Down!!??!!

It would be so wrong for me not to rant on the latest FDA push into the lives of the American people. I am of course speaking about the taking off the shelves of the caffeinated alcoholic drinks. It is not so much I am a heartless witch as it is I am against time wasting efforts that producing nothing. When I spend hours playing Kingdom Live on my iPhone I am at the least producing pleasure for myself. This recent ruling of the FDA has produced nothing but a small amount of panic in the minds of coffee drinkers.

Given that, those who enjoy such beverages will still have access to alcohol and caffeine; will the FDA now pull coffee off the shelves? Will I now be forced to show idea when I go to my local Wal-Mart to buy coffee? I recall that was the measure taken with pseudoephedrine to slow the production of meth. Will Wal-Mart be the recipient of a huge fine for selling more than one container of coffee to me in a week? CVS never thought it would happen to them.

Ok there are some children killing themselves with this drink but there are more children not dying from this drink. In my view, it would be better to talk to the children about the dangers of such drinks than to spend federal dollars deciding to shutdown the income producing manufactures of the drinks.

I am a mother. Before I decided to become pregnant, I was aware of the many pitfalls of life. I understood that children had a 50/50 chance of surviving to adulthood. I also knew there were things that parents could do to increase the chances of their child’s survival to adulthood (i.e. talk to them). I am all for protecting the children yet I am not for the hand holding of adult children. This latest ruling by the FDA is akin to putting pillows on the playground rather than showing the children how to climb the monkey bars. Somewhere along the line, we have to allow individuals to be responsible for their behaviors.

If it is known that a substance is, only harmful when abused then the FDA should not spend its time regulating access to the substance. I see it as allowing nature to improve the genetic diversity of a population. The FDA needs to work on drugs for cancer and the common cold being safe for the consumer. We need to regulate the manufactures (China and India) of those drugs for impurities. Allow the police officers to enforce the rules regarding alcoholic beverages in the hands of underage drinkers.


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