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Still ticked: Voting

As I watched the finale of DWTS, I thought to myself that show probably had more voters than the mid-term elections. We ad Americans have dropped to a new low.

In the 2010 mid-term elections only 37% of registered voters voted. I am not upset with the republican gains, I am upset that 67% of voters allowed 37% to make a decision for them. The mid-term elections matter more than the presidential election. In the mid-term elections we vote directly for whom we wish to represent us. The presidential election we vote for proxies who will vote for us. Proxies who are not required to vote as we voted.
Many times I wonder if I am all alone in the watching of this maddness that plays out in front of me. Who is willing to work a job and then turn over 67% of his/her net to a co-worker? We have become a nation of people who are complacent as long ad we do not endure too much pain. When the pain becomes too great we self-medicate ourselves with reality television back into a state of complacency.
Had we one ounce of motivation, I am sure the election would have been different. People whose agenda included items such as:

Investigate president's birth certficate
Investigate president's religious affliation
Underfund healthcare
Continue the tax cuts that have not worked since 2010

I am certain that a thinking, motivated, and concerned American population would have voted differently. In Mississippi voters turned out in record numbers during a storm to get rid of the dead weight sent to D.C.

We can not and should not expect real change if we are content to accept what our " elected" officala give to us. We must hold their feet to the fire every day they are in office. If we do not then what we get is what we got.

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