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Is hate the GOP way

It is official. The GOP strategy of hate for winning elections is bad for America. The GOP in 2012 has managed to alienate everyone other than heterosexual, protestant, six-figure salaried, screw the environment, war hawk white males. It seems as if the only vote that matters to the GOP will not come from anyone who is not male, white, heterosexual, protestant or making six-figures per year. The rub in the wound are the attempts to make anyone reading the GOP playbook aloud into a bully. We have watched, for over a year, racist, homophobic, misogynist, and pollution as solution GOP candidates cry foul each time someone shines light on the wayward logic of the party. We must end this stuff now. Most of thinking Americans have long come to the conclusion that the real issue with President Obama is his being Black. However, the GOP, circle the wagons, leadership did not stop the fear mongering at Black president. Homosexuals, the other boogie-man in the GOP closet, have been hi…


Sikh Temple Oak Creek

Fear. White fear is on the rise. Why? It is amazing groups targeted by white supremacist are not stocking up on guns. These groups continue to pray and to keep hope in being terror free. However there is a group in America filled with fear and stocked to the gills with guns. Why so much fear? Why?