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#stopblamingwhitewomenweneedunity or let's end all oppression

I had promised myself a week off work doing nothing but playing Runescape, drinking water, eating candy canes, and the only macro muscle movement involved elimination of waste.  Well, I failed.  I popped on Twitter to wish people well, as I twisted my hair, and saw this .  I had to read the back story to understand what the hell happened.  As I write this posting this tag is getting roughly 30 hits a half hour.  It is not popping like #RacismEndedWhen but it is moving. 

Here are my thoughts.

The expansion of Western civilization did come at a heavy price. 
The United States has an ugly history in regards to race relations.
There is a huge disparity in sentencing in the United States.
Women across the board do have it hard.
When females fight each other nothing good happens for a nation or species.

I write now to speak to the last.  It is time for unity amongst women.  We should unify to stop oppression wherever we find it.  When we make ending oppre…


There comes a time when a tradition no longer serves the purpose for which it was started.  This thought came to me as I sat at my mother's house.  She is cooking chitterlings.  My son and I are not big on meat and she has high blood pressure.  Really, Mom!!! I think. 

There comes a time to break a cycle of useless behaviors.  The chitterlings are best left in the hog, IMHO.  My plans for the holidays are to sit and to sit .  I shall move when my body demands food but otherwise, I shall do nothing. 

After the holidays, I shall move to a new phase of life.  I plan to be more active than I have been in 2013. I lost some traditions in 2013 when my elders died.  The good of their ways I shall keep but the things that are no longer viable I shall allow to be buried with them. 

It is time we evolve as a species.  May 2014 be the year we leave behind those Traditions that no longer serve us.

The humans

I write very often on items that would lead one to assume I am fascinated with race, sexuality or money.  Truth, I am enthralled by the ability of humans to still be in existence.   This morning one of the first stories in my time line on Twittter was this!/newsDetail/24275875.   How are we still a life form on this planet? This level of crazy didn't start today it had been on going since recorded history.  How much more crazy can we survive?

Half-baked in the South: The Usual Suspects

There are some things that seem to be rather innocuous but for some reason have become a focus  for Southern defiance.  President Obama asked for U.S. flags to be at half mast until 12/9/2013 in honor of Mandela.  However, there are those in the Southern reigion of the United States who find the request to be the assertion of some Federal overreach.  These people have responded in typical fashion. 

Pickens County, SC typical.

 My wonderful governor Phil Bryant of Ms, also typical. 
Flags will continue to fly at half-staff tomorrow to mark Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
If you live outside Mississippi or the South you may not be aware of the implication of Phil Bryant's tweet but the subtle nod to the defiant hard core racist did not go unnoticed by me.   I was immediately reminded of the Confederate Battle flag being flown over the Mississippi Supreme Court when it was announced  Governor Phil Bryant had suc…

Get real Liberal America. We need more than #FastFoodStrikes

December 5th 2013 SEIU was able to stage a nationwide strike in the fast food sector.  Will Congress raise the national minimum wage? Hell naw.  Was the strike without merit? It depends.  If the people who took part in the strike don't write Congress to ask for a national raise in the minimum wage then the strike was for naught.  It also depends on how many of those on strike are willing to start new corporations.  It also depends on how many of us will become patrons of these new corporations that are responsible "citizens"; not takers. 

Yesterday, I setup a project on GoFundMe.  The goal is to raise money to start a restaurant  that will pay a livable wage to 12 full-time employees while charging current McDonald's prices for the food.  Employees will also have insurance coverage that does not come at the public's expense.  Let's see if it can be done.  I am asking for donations for this project. I need 100,000 $5 donors or 1,000 $500 donors or 1 500,000 do…

GOP : Make me wanna holla

It seems the GOP is not doing well with rebranding.  Be it immigration reform or Rosa Parks, the GOP is failing.  The latest GOP fail is the tutoring sessions on how to run against women.  When I read the headline, I thought; "Joke. Onion".  Sadly it is a real tutoring session.  I am reluctant to write a game plan for the GOP given their recent behaviors but this seems like kicking a man when he is down.  I am just not that type. 

I am amazed that someone did not stop these sessions from being entitled "How to run against Women."  Given #WarOnWomen is one of the most consistently trending hashtags on Twitter, one would think, forget it.  I am just amazed. I am also amazed that the GOP thinks trotting out a wife on the campaign trail will make a difference.  The number of female headed households and the lack of sensitivity to rape displayed by the GOP over and over in the media means having a wife will not help.  If the GOP really wants to score points with women …