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GOP : Make me wanna holla

It seems the GOP is not doing well with rebranding.  Be it immigration reform or Rosa Parks, the GOP is failing.  The latest GOP fail is the tutoring sessions on how to run against women.  When I read the headline, I thought; "Joke. Onion".  Sadly it is a real tutoring session.  I am reluctant to write a game plan for the GOP given their recent behaviors but this seems like kicking a man when he is down.  I am just not that type. 

I am amazed that someone did not stop these sessions from being entitled "How to run against Women."  Given #WarOnWomen is one of the most consistently trending hashtags on Twitter, one would think, forget it.  I am just amazed. I am also amazed that the GOP thinks trotting out a wife on the campaign trail will make a difference.  The number of female headed households and the lack of sensitivity to rape displayed by the GOP over and over in the media means having a wife will not help.  If the GOP really wants to score points with women they will have to dump their current base.

How to win women:

Don't blame the victim in rape cases
Don't lessen enforcement of  bills aimed to prevent violence against women
Don't fuck with abortion or the pill
Don't tell women there is no #WarOnWomen
Don't suggest a "binder of women" to meet a quota
Don't suggest retail, hospitality or service workers are less than Wall Street
Don't cut SNAP or school breakfast and lunch programs
Don't say God demands you are subservient to your husband with a straight face

I watched a moment of Moring Joe that discussed this matter.  Joe doesn't get it.  Over 10 years later he is defending his moment running against a woman.  One must see the episode to understand why he doesn't get it and why the GOP still doesn't get it.  The GOP is intent on having one Rosa Parks racism ending moment after another, it seems.

Links: (Choose episode for 12/5/2013)


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