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Racism Without Boundaries.

This week, a most interesting headline was in my Twitter feed: " Lesbian Couple Sues Sperm Bank for Providing Wrong Donor Sperm".  This particular headline allows for an immediate understanding as to why she has a suit.  A breach of contract has occurred.  However, there was other headlines, "White Woman Sue Over Black Sperm Donor Error", that gave pause, after actually reading the report.  The pregnant pause birth the reality of institutional racism within every subset of our society.

Racism can be found within all groups of our society.  A person's sexual orientation, economical status, or education doesn't prevent he or she from being a racist.  Failure to acknowledge the racist ideals we promote as being racist only allows for the continued acceptance of racism as natural.  It is not natural.  It is taught.  We teach it when we use fear or anger to describe a group of people who are different than the group in which we place ourselves.  We teach it by o…