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Universal Correction

I spent  most of this morning  asserting  I'm willing  to admit  when I'm wrong.  I spent  last night asserting  how I don't  cosign  on bullshit because  I've  too much of my own.   Well, speak  and the Universe  will deliver.  If you follow  me on Twitter  you may  think I'm a combative, perpetually  pissed off,  and love sharing  woman of mythical  Amazon proportions.  In truth, I'm a peace  loving  woman with an affinity  for good food and spirits.  As you read  please  keep the above  in mind.  After a hard morning  at a local  coffee house, I knew my body need something  more than a scone.  I set  my sights on the Tex-Mex place next door.  Who knew it would  be closed.   Briefly Eat 24 Yelp came to mind.  However, I decided  to gamble  on finding  food. I took a chance Yeah! Burger  would have space.  I had tried the location  for 3 months but found  it to be packed  each  time.  This time  I was able  to get into the door.  Yeah, it is that packed normal…