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Universal Correction

I spent  most of this morning  asserting  I'm willing  to admit  when I'm wrong.  I spent  last night asserting  how I don't  cosign  on bullshit because  I've  too much of my own.   Well, speak  and the Universe  will deliver. 

If you follow  me on Twitter  you may  think I'm a combative, perpetually  pissed off,  and love sharing  woman of mythical  Amazon proportions.  In truth, I'm a peace  loving  woman with an affinity  for good food and spirits.  As you read  please  keep the above  in mind. 

After a hard morning  at a local  coffee house, I knew my body need something  more than a scone.  I set  my sights on the Tex-Mex place next door.  Who knew it would  be closed.   Briefly Eat 24 Yelp came to mind.  However, I decided  to gamble  on finding  food. I took a chance Yeah! Burger  would have space.  I had tried the location  for 3 months but found  it to be packed  each  time.  This time  I was able  to get into the door.  Yeah, it is that packed normally. 

I should mention this particular  location  came highly  recommend  by some beef snubbing  folks.  One of whom is my bison  loving  sister.  I haven't  been  trying  to eat here for  no reason.  Okay , enough  background. In short  this spot  is where to go for good eats. 

As I stood in line reading  the menu, confused  as to what gourmet  burger  I would  eat, I met with a cashier  who was worthy  of the tipping required  in Atlanta. I eat out two meals per day minimum.  This cashier  set my expectations  higher.

I ordered  a Honey - lemon punch to go with my burger and rings.  My drink arrived in its lemony  goodness.   The expectations' bar inched higher.  My meal arrived.  The onion rings were cold and greasy  and my burger was sawdust.  I ordered  a second  drink to wash  down the burger.

Here is where Universe intervened to teach a lesson  to me.  Normally  when I'm out I don't  complain  or send back jack.  I pay, leave , and then  tweet about it.  This day I just so  happened  to be sitting  next to the own of Yeah! Burger .  My first instinct  was to remain  quite  about the matter , yet something  said speak up  

I spoke  to the young man. I was about  to take leave . There was no way, even with a drink , I could  eat the burger.  However  I could  walk away with  an intoxicated  smile  from the Honey - Lemon  Punch.  He insisted  I allow  a redo with  a comp  of the meal. 

Note, comps  don't  do it for me.  There is a steakhouse  chain  that  hasn't  seen a drop  of my money  since  1999 over a poorly  executed  Cesar  salad.  Mess up my taste buds I'm done.  Although  the onion  rings had been cold and greasy , they were still flavor  filled.  I stayed for the redo. 

My burger  was everything  I had expected  and more.  I understood  why it came  recommend  by people  who don't  like beef.  The owner  mentioned  people  not speaking  up but writing  Yelp reviews.  I was shamed in that one moment.  I attempted  to pay for the meal but the owner  was insistent.  

My take aways, Yeah! Burger  is really that  good.  The waitstaff  is worth a visit.  Visit  to experience  service  at a restaurant.  Service  has become  so rare it must be celebrated  like Halley's comet.  Speak  up to management  before  you Yelp.  It is fitting  I saw South  Park's , " You're  not  Yelping" this week. 


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