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Help! The GOP is holding my family and friends hostage in America

I am sending out this SOS from an undisclosed McDonald's location. If I do not make it through this debt ceiling crisis at least I will have eaten McDonald's fries. I am not sure how much longer my family and friends can survive being held hostage by the GOP. Please someone intervene on our behalf.

The debt ceiling could have been raised in April but the GOP chose to not do so. They saw an opportunity to once again take my family and friends as hostage to secure the wealth of the wealthy. I am sure they figured if it worked at Christmas it will work again in July.

However the GOP's belief in the 2010 elections being a mandate to de-fund Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans Benefits is proving to be more disastrous for our nation than the 2001 Bush Tax Cuts. Some in the GOP are awakening to the folly of tying the debt ceiling to various "entitlement" programs. It is crazy to discuss cutting veterans benefits when we are still fighting two wars.


Sunday morning emergency

Sunday morning emergency Listening to Mitch McConnell on State of the Union. We need to contact senate Dems and prez to make sure they do not cave. Call today. Post today

McConnell is still bent on sinking Obama at the expense of the American people. We need to contact President and Dems. Tell them to not cave in to the demands of Tea Party Repubs.

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Confusion in my world

I remember in 2010 hearing ads about Republicans creating jobs. I am confused as to what job legislation they have introduced since 2010 elections. Today House Republicans wasted time and money to pass a bill they knew would go nowhere in the Senate. Our president introduced legislation that would put this country on track from the wrongs of Bush.

It seems to me the Republicans are sinking the economy to gains reelection. Why would I vote for someone who is willing to see me homeless to save his/her job? I am confused. Republican sinking of the stimulus at the local level has not gone unnoticed. I shall not be confused when it is time to vote.
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Congressional Baby Daddy

Joe Walsh, one of the do not raise debt ceiling Republicans, is a deadbeat dad. He can afford international vacations but not to care for his child. His mouth-piece stated Joe was no worse than other deadbeat dads. WTF!???!? Anyone not caring for his or her child should not hold office. Children are our true treasure and our first and last should go to them.

Joe Walsh is worse than other deadbeat dads. He is attempting to make it harder for supporting fathers to continue to be able to support their children via Tea Party legislation.

Hypocrisy at it's worst

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Stormy night and so are my thoughts

Last week someone from my hometown threaten to kill President Obama. It is normal for presidents to get death threats. However his reasoning for desiring to kill the president highlights the lack of knowledge of government in America. He saw the president as being the reason his wife was denied medical treatment. Had he been more informed he would have went on a more informed rant.

A. "Obamacare" which does not exist is healthcare reform needed by all Americans in a system run amuck.
B. Should his wife live long enough without the medical procedure she will have coverage at the federal level thanks to "Obamacare"

C. His wife is a victim of the Medicaid system in MS that became a victim of Gov Barbour and Lt Gov Bryant. The deep cuts made to Medicaid in MS has created Arizona style death panels.

There comes a time in the life of every citizen when becoming informed is a necessity. It is necessary that we become informed of the medicine( solutions) being sold by sn…

My Great Buds on social media

Love to my buds in Twitter and FB for answering the call to action. I am spent but shall write on the morrow about the mid-education of the public. We truly have become dumb downed in America. Time for a quick lesson in Civics.

Thanks to my buds for being active and for actively educating me and others in America in civics.

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Simple Blog Post

Stand with President Obama: Tell Boehner to stop holding our economy hostage for tax breaks for billionaires
HootSuite • 7/25/11 8:51 PM

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Every now and then I get a good one

I thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog. I also thank those who take the time to leave a comment. I love all the comments I get for some help me grow, some keep me feeling as if I am not alone, and some do both. This morning I wrote a posting that got me lashed and gashed deeply for my usage of a particular word ( It was a growth opportunity. I am posting the words that I received about my morning posting. Note: I was not using the word as a term of endearment. I meant for it to be offensive for I was offended by the lack of thought, by the picture of victim-hood, and the outright hypocrisy of the Black "leaders" attacking Obama on jobs in the Black community.

" And I am not known for tolerating racial epithets, no matter how cute the spelling may be. If it is okay to use one, it must be okay to use all of the others - and we know that that is not fact. Whatever the source or obj…

Money updatr

Goes well with my posting today.

Nigga please part 10

I can not remember how many "Nigga Please" post I have written so I have label this one as 10 and shall count on from tht number. My panties are in a wad and twisted because of a recent article about Blacks in Congress being upset with Obama over Black unemployment numbers (title link). Nigga(s) please.

The article mentions something about gays and Latinos have a political voice and how blacks need to do the same. My simple, backwoods, and countryfied response is "Really?!??!!". Politics is the answer to Black unemployment? ( Hogwash and a slap of the my coffee mug to the Black "leaders" who propose such nonesense. Controlling economic resouces is the key to jobs and to havng actual political power. Get a grip potato chips. Black unemployment can be resolved very simply( education, spend less, save more, and invest in the items required by Black families for survival).

Blacks spend more and save less than any group in Ameri…

No blog update

I am confused about why poor people vote against their own interests. Sen Wicker op-Ed recently something that says scrrew the poor as long as I am getting paid.

He is up for election 2012. I wonder if we are awake yet. He spelled out just how he plans to screw 96% of Americans and 99% of Mississippians.

We need a civics lesson Fast

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My folks have done lost ...

....their ever loving minds. Check out this link.

He and I because of all things inbred are more than likely related.

I understand his pain. We live in rural Mississippi. Although we have low crime and a top notch school system, we do not have jobs at a livable wage. Each morning I join the caravan of cars driving a minimum of 77 miles one way to work each day. We are not driving to six figure jobs we are just driving to stay employed. Each day I watch the gas priced climb knowing the magic number that will force me to quit working. I am sure like me he has thought why is there no high speed rail in this state? Why do I earn less than people in Arkansas who are doing the same job? Yes there is frustration but President Obama is not the author of American frustration.

Mississippians who continue to vote for Tea Party darlings victimize themselves. Much of the Tea Party legislation is death to Mississippians who derive much of their income from federal funds that…

Different day same stuff

I am ready for positive productive change. What must we do to get those who do not have $10M in liquid asset to understand they are also being screwed? I am amazed at the number of people fighting to help the rich become richer. The rich are not job creators. They are just rich and seeking to control government to maintain their wealth.

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We must not be afraid

We must not allow the powers that be to scare us into silence. We must fight for the tomorrows of our species.

Please send your prayers to the family members of Sean Hoare the brave News of The World whistle blower.

Let his death be our Egyptian moment. We must not be silent. We are humans not pawns.

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Stay informed

I always seem to have the most interesting conversations in the most inappropriate places. My latest conversation occurred at the workplace. It was about HCR.

The other party mentioned how great Singapore's healthcare system was because of how it made the individual responsible for his/her healthcare. This same party informed me how Obama care would destroy America.

I found it funny that he was against HCR but all for a Singapore style healthcare system in America. Obama's original plan for healthcare reform was much like Singapore's. However his plan was C-blocked by GOP and Harry Reid. (oh that is congress blocked). What we got was a plan that paid the insurance companies and still left Americans wondering how to pay medical costs.

I laughed and laughed to myself. This person touting Singapore's socialized healthcare to me while bashing the free market based HCR passed by Congress. We need to become more informed before we parrot talking points heard on the radio.


Going soft

Although this posting is about something opposite of what comes to mind, maybe it is not so different. Just when I thought there would be a snowball's chances in hell of there being some regulation of the financial sector I get this tweet

It seems the president is backing off appointing Elizabeth Warren to the CPB. The same Ms Warren who would have not gone to bat for TARP had she been in position. It is not as if the CPB would have had that much power, thanks to GOP House. I digress. My question is why was she not a recess appointment? Why was her appointment delayed for so long? I feel that we the people have lost.
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This Country Woman Needs

..... some 'plaining. I would like to know how investigating Planned Parenthood will put food in my table or gas in my tank? Our congress has the power to do what our president can not, create legislation that helps to create jobs. They could funnel money directly to SBA to be given directly to small businesses yet they choose to do other things.

I have watch them protect oil companies. They have sought to protect the dividend producing estates of the wealthy. Now they are going deeper into not focusing on jobs. Check out their latest.

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Media Control

If I did not have so much going on in my life I would be doing a jug at the awakening of the world to the Murdoch media empire. It is long overdue.

Now if CNN's lack of news reporting could be explained so easily. Casey Anthony trial is still lead story. Where is the in-depth coverage of debt ceiling? We need an outlet that provided the news we can use. We have enough views.

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Why Women Kill

Today as I work to get a permanent order of protection, why women in domestic violence situations kill became apparent. Many times the public asks, " Why did she not leave?" or " Why did she not go to the authorities?". Today I have insight as to the why nots.
First I am a single parent who missed a full 40 hours of work because of the governmental paper work involved to get a temporary protection order. Secondly it is fast becoming apparent that I shall miss a day of pay to deal with this matter. Third school is about to start and I need to buy underwear for my child that is not two sizes too small. ( Aside: As I type this posting a trustee walks by me. I think he senses I am ready to kill the first man I can do so in a justifiable manner. He tips around me). Fourth the buddy buddy manner of the police with the perpetrator leaves a feeling of helplessness. Having males in authority and some females in authority question you about filing a petition as if you we…

Still sleeping

Recently, an offline buddy sent an article to me from Townhall(title link) entitled, The Awakening of Black America. How appropriate that I shall blog on the article on a morning when I am running late to work because of legal matters created by someone behaving rather niggardly. In short, I am blogging about waking up to some legal nigga shit when I should be working to cover the costs of my going to work.

The things I do to get to work each day is one of the reason I found the writer of this article in Townhall to be asleep regarding what is really going on in the Black community. The thing in the article that caught my eye at first was the comment, "The census showed a major migration of Black Americans from the cities in the North, where they were treated as wards of the government, to places where there is greater opportunity. And spurred by films such as “Waiting for Superman,” more Black parents are standing up against the Democrat/Education establishment that produces…

Before coffee rant

A question that comes to mind regarding jobs is where are they. I remember being told early 2001 that tax cuts would create jobs. Where are they? I remember being told in 2008 that bailing out the multinational financial institutions in the U.S. would stop job loss and allow small business creation to continue. We have increased job loss and slowed growth in small business because of banks not lending. We have cash rich companies not hiring in hopes of getting more cuts from their GOP advocates.

It is time for President Obama to step up his game. We need direct from government loans to small business creators bypassing financial institutions. We need those who desire to be ethical corporate citizens to create jobs for the people. Corporations posting profit by bottom lining employees and then complaining about unemployment taxes we do not need. We now have an opportunity to change business in America. If our government will come to work with those who desire to be ethical corpo…

A Little Liberty

Today I had the enjoyment of listening to a Libertarian complain about the government. Allow me to go on record as stating that I am a liberal Independent voter. I vote for whomever I know has the best intentions for the country. Now that I am beyond the disclaimer, know that I actually enjoyed the insight into his world.

What I learned when I looked out the window to his view of the world was:
People under 40 should have the option to pay into social security
Obama is not qualified to be president.
Stimulus package put out by Democrats caused economic upheaval
Taxes should not be raised (restored to the pre-Bush 2001 tax cut levels)
America does not have a revenue problem. We are taking in more revenue than ever.
There were no entitlement programs in the 1950’s

I listened. I thought over his words. I informed him that he and I would disagree but I respected his view of the world. He informed me that he was 3 million in debt although he owned 34 rental properties. He stated t…

Showdown in America

How hot it is in Mississippi. Today as I discussed the showdown in DC, I thought what a government shutdown would mean to me. If a storm of Katrina's magnitude was to hit Mississippi during a government shutdown, we would be f$!?:

It amazes me that games are being played in DC while Americans suffer. Social Security COLA decrease should not be on the table. Keeping campaign promise to not end Bush tax cuts should not be done at the expense of the nation. Our nation could not afford the tax cuts in 2001 and we dang well can not afford them now. It is time for us to end thus long term study in tax cuts. We now know failure is the result of tax cuts. Our nation was stronger when we had strong unions and higher taxes.

Turn off CNN and pickup the phone. Call your congressperson.

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Anything but Casey Anthony

My posting tonight is super short. The Tea Party is using the GOP to push us back into the early 1800's. They are attempting to legislate moral codes that forces them to become behind closed doors lawbreakers.

The rights of women are being setback daily. A 15 year old girl is on her way to jail because of a miscarriage in The Carolinas. WTF?!?? We must stop this freaking madness. Pawlenty left MN in such bad shape that women will be forced to quit work to care for their children. MN is having to stop childcare programs. In today's economy who can afford to quit working?

There is a call to not fund Planned Patenthood by the same people cutting childcare. Maybe I am crazy.

We must stop the attack on women. Going back to the early 1800's is something best done in the movies.

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A thought on this day of American freedom

Michael Moore tweeted a thought today regarding Civics in the classroom.

My offline buddy also laments the lack if Civics in the classroom. I have to wonder if that is the real reason people in America are still ho-hum about the state of our nation

Sunday my offline FB buddy informed me that he was not swamped with people at a local voter registration drive. I was freaking amazed. He was holding the registration in an area of Jackson, MS that is over taxed and under serviced. I was later treated to a conversation of two young people who saw no point in voting. (all things being me I could not allow the conversation to remain unmoderated ).

If the reason people are remaining ho-hum in the face of Scott Walker is the lack of Civics in school, then it is time for us to educate people door to door. Somehow Faux News and Tea Party control media outlets have supplanted actual education to the point people refuse to fight for their rights …

Mama tired

I am beat after a long day working. Watching "Arab Labor" on LinkTV.

In the episode an Arab man is upset over the lack of water pressure at his home in the Arab ghetto of Jerusalem. He decided to buy a home in the Jewish area to get better water pressure.

If a Jew would sell an apartment to him became the story line. He was purchasing the apartment from a blond haired blue eye Jew. I am not a historian but I thought how odd that someone not native to a land had the power to deny housing to a native. Just odd.

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Chew on this

If charter schools are so good why are public schools failing? If we can afford vouchers to non-public schools, we can afford to improve public schools. IMHO we can afford to improve public education. We must improve public education if this country is to remain viable.

We must shutdown the attack on public schools, teachers, and teacher unions. Short term thinking and concern only for self will doom this country. Speak up for our children. Demand well funded schools and properly paid teachers.

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