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Every now and then I get a good one

I thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog. I also thank those who take the time to leave a comment. I love all the comments I get for some help me grow, some keep me feeling as if I am not alone, and some do both. This morning I wrote a posting that got me lashed and gashed deeply for my usage of a particular word ( It was a growth opportunity. I am posting the words that I received about my morning posting. Note: I was not using the word as a term of endearment. I meant for it to be offensive for I was offended by the lack of thought, by the picture of victim-hood, and the outright hypocrisy of the Black "leaders" attacking Obama on jobs in the Black community.

" And I am not known for tolerating racial epithets, no matter how cute the spelling may be. If it is okay to use one, it must be okay to use all of the others - and we know that that is not fact. Whatever the source or object of your anger, ...your use of any racial epithet reveals the shallowness of your thought processes. The use of this particular epithet is offensive to me and should be offensive to you. The word is offensive, not because it describes me or my family and friends, but because it has been used by people whose insecurities and deficiencies were, and are, so profound they can only strike out at what they see as another threat to their supposed superiority. There is no reason, there is no excuse, there is no First Amendment right, there is no point that requires the use of this particular one given its history. Again, if one is A-okay, then use the others too. And begin with the one that strikes fear in the hearts of even the most wealthy of American capitalists. You have presented yourself as a smart young person. You make a lie of that with the use of this word. Your outrage can be expressed just as well with other word choices.

I see that this is Part 10 of your commentary. I don't follow your blog and so have missed the other nine. It's probably just the oddity of how Facebook feeds various walls that I noticed it now. I'm sure that you are the darling of your chosen social set as you have given them your limited permission to use this particular word which is a variation on the single most hateful and harmful word in the language. Bar none. I am disappointed that, for all of your intelligent thinking, you are so limited in expressing your frustration.

If the use of racial epithets are okay among "friends", then throw out some of the others used to demean other people (some of whom are your "friends") and see how far you get.

I have now read the why of this blog and see that Rush Limbaugh is your inspiration. That explains it.

The point of your piece has validity, but it also lacks attention to cause and effect. I have always said that Barak Obama is POTUS of all... of the United States, not just black America. I have always said that Black American owes him much more than he could ever "owe" us. But so does white America. He makes both of our sides look good.

You however need to take a breath and recognize that you are frustrated with systems. You are frustrated with life. Your perspective has been clouded by your current experiences and you need to chill. If you, in fact, want to avoid stupidity, start with yourself. Given the state of mind that you are in, I recommend that you read Tom Burrell's "Brainwashed". Google it, order it, read it. You can help yourself regain your equilibrium without having to take Valium. And remember, just because you have a keyboard and an internet connection does not mean that you have to share your every frustrated and angry thought with everybody. Rush may be your hero, but he's a jerk and you should try to better than that."

I did reply to the person. "I can always depend on you to not yes man me. Thanks for taking the time to read what I wrote. I appreciate your comments. I love the feedback. Yes, I have a Nigga Please series. The best part of the Internet at this time is the... ability to express yourself as you so desire. There is a time for high level thinking and then there is time to just say " Nigga Please". It is rare that I say it however sometimes Black elected officials become to caught up in a game that most Blacks can not afford to watch let alone play. Yes I write my frustration. Frustrated people created the Tea Party which has highjacked nation. It is time for liberals to become frustrated. It is also time Blacks get real about our issues.

I thank you for thinking I am intelligent. I personally think of myself as a country woman tired of the sophisticated mess in my country. I refuse to be afraid to speak out or to deny the life experiences that have forged me into the woman I am today. I may not be city slick or FCC refine but I do love the woman I see in the mirror.

Once more thank you for reading and for the feedback. I appreciate you and thank God for you. I shall also checkout the suggested reading material. "

Growing up in Mississippi in the mid-70's I learned to not let names get to me. I was a "bitch" before I got on the bus, a "nigger" all day at school, and a "whore" by the time I got off the bus. I learned how to not be bitter and how to love people anyway. I learned that "nigger" was a word to not be used unless someone was behaving niggardly. I mainly learned to know who I am and how to not allow another person's view of me to determine who I am. When I see a group of people (i.e. the CBC) behaving as they are towards the president then I do use certain language.

The CBC has the power in Congress to focus on jobs and job funding. They would rather tout the same tired line as the GOP about Obama not creating jobs. If they wold push more in Congress for reforms rather than worry about re-election maybe the job situation would be different. I shall not apologize for my posting this morning. I am A MS Mad Woman. I am mad as heck with the current state of affairs in my country and the senseless infighting that keeps my nation from progressing. The joy of the internet, for now, is the freedom of expression. If we as Blacks continue to tiptoe around a well known issue in our community then we will keep getting what we got. As my grandmother would tell me over and over, " Watch your friends for your enemies can not get to you". I refuse to intellectualize the punk-bitch behavior of the CBC in attacking Obama on jobs when they have not done their job to help their constituents. Call up one and listen to the excuses roll like the mighty Mississippi from his/her lips. My skin is thick and I have paid the costs of life to be able to say the things I say. A spoon full of sugar may help the medicine go down but I can not afford the sugar at this moment.


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