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Still sleeping

Recently, an offline buddy sent an article to me from Townhall(title link) entitled, The Awakening of Black America. How appropriate that I shall blog on the article on a morning when I am running late to work because of legal matters created by someone behaving rather niggardly. In short, I am blogging about waking up to some legal nigga shit when I should be working to cover the costs of my going to work.

The things I do to get to work each day is one of the reason I found the writer of this article in Townhall to be asleep regarding what is really going on in the Black community. The thing in the article that caught my eye at first was the comment, "The census showed a major migration of Black Americans from the cities in the North, where they were treated as wards of the government, to places where there is greater opportunity. And spurred by films such as “Waiting for Superman,” more Black parents are standing up against the Democrat/Education establishment that produces thousands of barely-literate children with a bleak future – if they graduate at all. " Innocuous on the surface the comment when I turned it over in my head seemed to be one made by a person who still holds true to the Reagan "Welfare Queen" dogma. Hell yes people, not just Blacks, desire better opportunities. Being able to work and to work for better pay is why many Blacks left the South so long ago. Contrary to popular beliefs Blacks enjoy getting paid more than they enjoy government sponsored social benefits.

The next thing I notice was the best example of double talk in America. Two statements that are juxtaposed "The Black community needs to throw off the yoke of their self-anointed leaders, their current crop of elected officials, and their supposed friends in the Democratic Party if they ever wish to achieve equal economic status in this country. " and " We can help in small ways, such as spurring new voices in the Black Community and contributing to their campaigns. Black people need their own role models and success stories. They need more people fighting the forces that pretend to help while actually limiting their future. America will never achieve its full mission until the Black Community has reached an equal economic footing. " Read individually they both have merit, however; when put into the same essay something foul seems to be afoot. First, I only have to turn on the radio to hear the corporate conservatives dictates of the conversation in the Black community. They control the rappers who in turn continue to dumb down the Black population into seeking "street cred" over real education. Secondly when you have Black leaders who advocate making use of the same Federal opportunities used by non-minorites to create businesses they are shouted down as wing-nuts leading Blacks astray. Oh Lawd,if we is not on the plantation (mid-level manager of HR for corporate America, then we is just lazy ans shiftless. No, I do not need MSM or Republicans to pick my leaders for me any more than I do Al Sharpton. I require all of the facts to be laid out in the open. Open facts will allow me to make a more informed decision.

The decisions of Blacks in Northern California to sell their homes was on them. They choose to sell the homes that had been in their families for decades. The legal nigga shit I am forced to miss a few hours of work to deal with this morning is to ensure that what remains of the thousands of acres my family once owned remain in the family. I refuse to say someone forced me to do something. There was a time when Whites could force people to do something using the various tools of government. Those days are gone. It is up to each Black person and for that matter each American to seek out information regarding the operation of government, least they become a victim of government.

The writer of this article is basically asleep on what is really going on in the Black community. He needs to round out his "Black Experience". He will then learn that not all Blacks are asleep or willing to rollover.


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