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Why Women Kill

Today as I work to get a permanent order of protection, why women in domestic violence situations kill became apparent. Many times the public asks, " Why did she not leave?" or " Why did she not go to the authorities?". Today I have insight as to the why nots.
First I am a single parent who missed a full 40 hours of work because of the governmental paper work involved to get a temporary protection order. Secondly it is fast becoming apparent that I shall miss a day of pay to deal with this matter. Third school is about to start and I need to buy underwear for my child that is not two sizes too small. ( Aside: As I type this posting a trustee walks by me. I think he senses I am ready to kill the first man I can do so in a justifiable manner. He tips around me). Fourth the buddy buddy manner of the police with the perpetrator leaves a feeling of helplessness. Having males in authority and some females in authority question you about filing a petition as if you were the perpetrator makes you think you should be.
When the system that is suppose to protect only serves to make the victim pay then the system is broken. A broken system creates victims who feel as if their only protection will come when they take the life of the abuser. It is a simple explanation as to why women, who sought help from authorities, resort to killing. It is sad that these women are then incarcerated for saving their lives and the lives of their children. I refuse to live in fear because my government protects the person who would do harm to me.

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