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A Little Liberty

Today I had the enjoyment of listening to a Libertarian complain about the government. Allow me to go on record as stating that I am a liberal Independent voter. I vote for whomever I know has the best intentions for the country. Now that I am beyond the disclaimer, know that I actually enjoyed the insight into his world.

What I learned when I looked out the window to his view of the world was:
People under 40 should have the option to pay into social security
Obama is not qualified to be president.
Stimulus package put out by Democrats caused economic upheaval
Taxes should not be raised (restored to the pre-Bush 2001 tax cut levels)
America does not have a revenue problem. We are taking in more revenue than ever.
There were no entitlement programs in the 1950’s

I listened. I thought over his words. I informed him that he and I would disagree but I respected his view of the world. He informed me that he was 3 million in debt although he owned 34 rental properties. He stated that a tax increase would put him out of business. I reminded him that the increase would only affect the AGI over 250K. I then stated how if his business would fail over a tax increase then it is poorly managed and he needed a new accountant. I reminded him how people lived well during the Clinton years when taxes where higher. His words sounded to me little more than parroting of tall tales. I could tell he did not question why the Republican controlled Congress of 2001 did not make the tax cut permanent. Those in the know knew we could not afford tax cuts. We have a jacked economy to prove 10 years of tax cuts do not work.

We of course have George W. Bush to thank for the tax cuts that have jacked up our economy. George who has a MBA put us on the path to deeper debt. When he put this country into not one but two wars, he should have rescinded the tax cuts. It amazed me that this young man was not willing to say anything about the mess of George W. However, he was ready to parrot to me of how Obama was not qualified to be president. My first question is who has presidential experience without having been president? Working in the non-profit sector is more akin to running a country than being CEO of AIG. In addition, Obama is a constitutional law professor. I actually think he may know a thing or two about our government. Remember, George W. Bush who said the Constitution was just a piece of paper. Obama is qualified to be president, however; he has been to willing to bend over to govern this country out of the mess W. left. It is time for the president to be tough with the GOP.

I also reminded him of how the GOP in a concerted effort better than any synchronized swim team worked to make the stimulus package a failure. I reminded him that the only GOP governor to take all of the stimulus money and to use it as directed has the only GOP controlled state to see job growth. Hint: Think Texas. It is sad that the GOP was so willing to score political points they doomed their own constituents. When Rush Limbaugh called for Obama to fail, the GOP went to work to make it happen.

I am an opened minded person. I actually agree with a number of Libertarian ideals. I did not vote for Obama.There are GOP candidates for whom I shall more than likely vote. Yet, I am not totally against government or Obama. I plan to vote for Obama in 2012 and government done right works for everyone. Yet when I hear people parrot the words of others in regards to government, I find it hard to hold my peace. My view on his view is he should get his own facts rather than parrot the babble spoken to him by Fox News and crew. Many Libertarians whom I know have a false sense of self. In their minds they really believe they can do all things all by themselves. They do not recognize the truth of, “No man is an island”. Living has taught one thing to me, if everyone is a doctor then it drives down the rate of pay I can expect.

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  1. "Obama has been willing to bend over to govern this country"?????
    Oh my. He ASKED to be president, spend more money than anybody in history to campaign to be president. Tell me, is he bending over as his wife and girls spend MILLIONS on vacations overseas. And that's okay with you? And years later, he is still blaming Bush. Not only is he blaming Bush, but he is making the SAME mistakes, and even to a higher degree. Unfortunately, they aren't mistakes,. though. The dollar is intentionally being destroyed by Democrat and Republican "leadership" and by the Fed, behind closed doors. We are still in Irag, Afghanistan, and now Libya. But for some reason, it's okay if Obama bombs people in Libya, right? Where are the peace bumper stickers now? No protests. Nothing. Obama is the SAME as Bush. Obama, however, has spent MUCH more money, though. Unbelievable, the hypocrisy of people. Steal From A Liberal Arnegard


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