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A thought on this day of American freedom

Michael Moore tweeted a thought today regarding Civics in the classroom.

My offline buddy also laments the lack if Civics in the classroom. I have to wonder if that is the real reason people in America are still ho-hum about the state of our nation

Sunday my offline FB buddy informed me that he was not swamped with people at a local voter registration drive. I was freaking amazed. He was holding the registration in an area of Jackson, MS that is over taxed and under serviced. I was later treated to a conversation of two young people who saw no point in voting. (all things being me I could not allow the conversation to remain unmoderated ).

If the reason people are remaining ho-hum in the face of Scott Walker is the lack of Civics in school, then it is time for us to educate people door to door. Somehow Faux News and Tea Party control media outlets have supplanted actual education to the point people refuse to fight for their rights as Americans. We must wake people to the true nature of our history ( the good and the bad). Our country was formed as a response against special privileges given to corporation by the government. Religion had little to do with our break from England. Only when the Crown taxed the hell out of the common man while not taxing corporations who used public services, did the people take up arms. The Declaration of Independence was written to address the oppression of the people by a corporate controlled government. The Bill of Rights also addresses the potential abuse of rights by corporate controlled government.

I have faith that we will make it through the mess we are in at this moment. After all this is not our first time in the corporate controlled rodeo.

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