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Stormy night and so are my thoughts

Last week someone from my hometown threaten to kill President Obama. It is normal for presidents to get death threats. However his reasoning for desiring to kill the president highlights the lack of knowledge of government in America. He saw the president as being the reason his wife was denied medical treatment. Had he been more informed he would have went on a more informed rant.

A. "Obamacare" which does not exist is healthcare reform needed by all Americans in a system run amuck.
B. Should his wife live long enough without the medical procedure she will have coverage at the federal level thanks to "Obamacare"

C. His wife is a victim of the Medicaid system in MS that became a victim of Gov Barbour and Lt Gov Bryant. The deep cuts made to Medicaid in MS has created Arizona style death panels.

There comes a time in the life of every citizen when becoming informed is a necessity. It is necessary that we become informed of the medicine( solutions) being sold by snake oils salesman( elected officials). Who we have as president is important, however, who is in our local state houses is more important. Get out and vote in local elections.

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