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I always seem to have the most interesting conversations in the most inappropriate places. My latest conversation occurred at the workplace. It was about HCR.

The other party mentioned how great Singapore's healthcare system was because of how it made the individual responsible for his/her healthcare. This same party informed me how Obama care would destroy America.

I found it funny that he was against HCR but all for a Singapore style healthcare system in America. Obama's original plan for healthcare reform was much like Singapore's. However his plan was C-blocked by GOP and Harry Reid. (oh that is congress blocked). What we got was a plan that paid the insurance companies and still left Americans wondering how to pay medical costs.

I laughed and laughed to myself. This person touting Singapore's socialized healthcare to me while bashing the free market based HCR passed by Congress. We need to become more informed before we parrot talking points heard on the radio.

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  1. I've been to Singapore. The people walk, talk, live like zombies. Drop a gumwrapper on the ground, they beat you with a bamboo cane. If there is no police in the area, the citizenry are allowed to apprehend you & 'administer' justice to you; this is not an exaggeration. As you can probably take away from this, the people of Singapore take whatever they are told to take...whether it's punishment or health care. Do we really want our country to become another Singapore?


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