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Help! The GOP is holding my family and friends hostage in America

I am sending out this SOS from an undisclosed McDonald's location. If I do not make it through this debt ceiling crisis at least I will have eaten McDonald's fries. I am not sure how much longer my family and friends can survive being held hostage by the GOP. Please someone intervene on our behalf.

The debt ceiling could have been raised in April but the GOP chose to not do so. They saw an opportunity to once again take my family and friends as hostage to secure the wealth of the wealthy. I am sure they figured if it worked at Christmas it will work again in July.

However the GOP's belief in the 2010 elections being a mandate to de-fund Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans Benefits is proving to be more disastrous for our nation than the 2001 Bush Tax Cuts. Some in the GOP are awakening to the folly of tying the debt ceiling to various "entitlement" programs. It is crazy to discuss cutting veterans benefits when we are still fighting two wars.

This morning the headache that plagued me for most of yesterday intensified as I listen to Mitch McConnell. The McConnell who was quoted as saying getting the debt ceiling should be raised to prevent Obama from smelling like a rose. He touted the possibility of 3T in spending cuts and not tax revenue increase. I immediately started sending out tweets and FB comments. I could not believe I was hearing the pack of lies and the proposal of continued waste of time spewing from his mouth.

Here are my notes from his appearance on State of the Union wit Candy Crowley:
He demanded that President Obama take part in the debt ceiling discussion. I am thinking he wishes to smear Obama with the same mud that is on the GOP. I hope Americans are questioning why Congress needs the president to create a budget when Congress controls the purse strings. The latest GOP tag line is Obama is not leading but it seems to me Congress is not doing its job.

A constitutional amendment to create a balance budget and to control spending? Truly a WTF moment if ever there was one. Congress should not require an amendment to balance the budget. Fiscal common sense should be found somewhere amongst the 585 members of Congress to balance the budget. The GOP is wasting time and money seeking an amendment to the Constitution to control spending. We already have an amendment to control spending, it created the three branches of government giving Congress control of spending. (

McConnell proudly alluded to the GOP Christmas hostage taking to save the tax cuts for the wealthy. He stated Obama knows raising taxes would kill jobs. I remember President Obama saying it was too cold to cut unemployment checks at Christmas when unemployment affected so many Americans. McConnell and I saw two different things last Christmas it seems.

Finally a "Debt Committee", WTF? Ending the 2001 Bush Tax Cuts would put money back into our system. Yes we need to reduce spending but Medicare, SS, and Vet Benefits are not the areas to do so. It amazes me that the people holding Americans hostage would rather borrow money to fight wars than to feed, clothe, and shelter Americans. What type of Christian nation is this nation?

Please someone respond to this SOS. I fear what the GOP may do to my family and friends if wealthy people must pay tax on corporate jets. Make calls today and tomorrow to Congress and to the White House. We can not afford to give in any more to such demands.



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