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My folks have done lost ...

....their ever loving minds. Check out this link.

He and I because of all things inbred are more than likely related.

I understand his pain. We live in rural Mississippi. Although we have low crime and a top notch school system, we do not have jobs at a livable wage. Each morning I join the caravan of cars driving a minimum of 77 miles one way to work each day. We are not driving to six figure jobs we are just driving to stay employed. Each day I watch the gas priced climb knowing the magic number that will force me to quit working. I am sure like me he has thought why is there no high speed rail in this state? Why do I earn less than people in Arkansas who are doing the same job? Yes there is frustration but President Obama is not the author of American frustration.

Mississippians who continue to vote for Tea Party darlings victimize themselves. Much of the Tea Party legislation is death to Mississippians who derive much of their income from federal funds that come into the state. It is at this point I should mention that many large companies in. Mississippi hire people not from Mississippi. Then again qualified Mississippians often leave the state on the first thing going. They desire to escape low wages and low level thinking. I understand the frustration. Yet, I do not blame Obama.

When the governor of Mississippi gives federal funds meant for the people to private industry, I can not blame Obama. When the same said governor refuses funds to create jobs in the state, I can not blame Obama. I can only look to the people of Mississippi who continue to vote into power those who seek to protect the wealth of the wealthy. Mississippians whose idea of healthcare is God will fix it will protest healthcare reform because Obama is for it. God save me from my folks; they be crazy.
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