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Getting Right Back to Nullifying Votes

People, please click on the title link to this posting. ( We have a problem. I am a devout independent. However, when you have a group of people who ran on the promise to create jobs spend more time discussing none job issues something is amiss. In this case what is amiss is an attempt to nullify/disenfranchise voters. The GOP is facing the reality they do not have a candidate for president of the United States and are pulling out every hat trick they know.

I was willing to over look the "Voter ID" mandates showing up across the United States. I think to heck with it. If we have voter ID then a person should not need to ever have to register to vote once they have been ID as a registered voter. There will be no more purging of the rolls. I think it should be tied to driver's license or state issue ID cards. It should be good for any state in the union. We now have the technology to support s…

President Dufus???!!!???

I took time this Sunday morning to engage in one of my unhealthy pastimes, watching Sunday morning political talk shows. I knew the morning would not pass without my hearing some baseless swipe at President Obama. This morning the swipe was in regards to the President’s level of intellect by Pawlenty( I am guessing he has an above average IQ. I am not basing my guess on my course work in the field of IQ testing or abnormal psychology. I am just thinking that if he was president of the Harvard Law Review and has written two books, the man has more than the average American when it comes to intellect. If I really thought the president was a dullard I would be the first to know since I often function using an IQ of 85 (Intellectual dullness is the product of living in a dry county).

I have to wonder what Pawlenty thought of G.W. Bush’s intellect ( Bush used terms that left many, even in the South, wonder what the heck he said. Bus…

Riding to the Future on the Past

Recently I watched the documentary, Freedom Riders: American Experience. Freedom Rides started by CORE(Congress of Racial Equality) were designed to test the rules of racial segregation in the Deep South. Students were recruited to ride the buses. James Farmer who was the head of CORE did not ride with the students because of the death of his father at the start of the rides. Basically the Freedom Riders were children leading children to get adults to behave. As I watched the documentary, I wondered if we would once again have to rely on the children to show adults how to behave. There is much we can learn from the brave children who took the time in 1961 to become Freedom Riders.

The Freedom Rides took place long before I was born. This documentary was able to highlight a few things for me about that era. The first thing that came to my mind was how MLK Jr. and JFK did not deserve the shrines setup in many black homes to honor them. I remembered the clock my aunt had in he…

Tiger Mom

This posting is pure justification of my parenting. The issue of parenting arose today during a discussion during lunch with some high-level thinkers about children in the public school system. I have been parenting for several years now. One thing I always let a child know is I am not his/her friend. I am mommy. Mommy means I shall love you no matter what you do or what is done to you. Mommy means if you call me at 3 AM you will find I am already on my way to you. Mommy means I am not asking for pay for anything I do for you. Mommy also means I treat you in a manner where you will be able to be interdependent, to maintain confidence in your decisions, and able to give unconditional love to another. Friends(BFFs) come and go over the course of a lifetime, mommy is always there. When I make such a commitment, I have expectations.

I do not accept delinquent behaviors from children. I am not a tiger parent, I am a strict parent. I am open to children watching television on non-s…

What is really important?

Aside from not being caught up in rapture (divine or delight)my weekend was pretty mild. There was very little that had me saying WTH. Then again I spent most of last week saying WTH and Really??!!??? This week I am looking forward to a quiet and logic filled week with my family and fellow Americans. One moment, I need to check the newsfeeds to be sure there is nothing out there about which to get my dander up. Nope nothing new yet. With nothing new, I shall beat a dead horse/elephant/donkey. The media is attempting to work us into a lather over the 2012 presidential elections by presenting us with a gaggle of clowns every week.

It is with great joy that I am seeing some people opt to not run rather than to join the media circus. It is with bated breath that I wait for the real performers to join the fray (ala Sarah Palin). My analysis from the clowns proposing to run for the highest office in the land is oversimplified. These clowns think that if a black man can become presi…

Getting Up, Getting Out, and Just Doing the Dang Thing

I am not just a stay at home blogger, who blogs about what I observe. I am also an activist. I implore others to get up, get out, and just do it. What matters to me is that people are active, not if they agree with me. As I always say, I am a goddess not god. All I do is not straight gospel or divine. Yet, I know staying quiet, staying in, and not doing anything leads to decay. Decay of the mind, body and soul is not good for anyone or anything. Keeping active is the reason I recently posted a question to my FB buddies regarding the governor’s race in Mississippi. I asked, “What would you ask those running for governor of Mississippi?” I received a few replies.

My purpose of the question was to get a view of what is important to other people and to ask the candidates themselves these questions. I shall post the replies by Friday, May 27th on this blog. I shall also pass the responses along to my FB buddies who asked the questions.

What I am asking of Mississippians is not re…

Who's Your Daddy?

I wish to ask that you please read the links in this posting. This posting will show yet another reason I shall never be elected to public office in America. I am not willing to eat buttered bread while my brother has not even the crumbs from the crust. If one person on this planet is oppressed then I am also oppressed. We need to all work together. What is happening now, in my lifetime, in Israel is wrong. I stand firm in my belief that President Obama was correct in stating Israel needs to accept the borders of its 1967 existence. I view his words as being extremely lenient and not worth the fuss in America media.

I may be one of the few in America who does not agree with the forced establishment of Israel in what was once Palestine. Yet, we, as were other Euro-centric nations, were still caught up in the 19th century idea of “nation building”, that we thought nothing of displacing Palestinian families to make a country for the displaced Jews of Europe. We thought nothing of …

Just live right everyday

This posting to my blog will be short and done. I have in my time on this planet seen many wonders that defy logic. I believe that God speaks to each of us every day. Given I am just a goddess and not God, I do not even attempt to tell people what God is saying to them. The purpose of my blog is not to convert anyone to my faith. In this posting I share a portion of my views on God/faith/religion/spiritually. Ok, I mainly shall ask if the world ending tomorrow our biggest issue?

In my optimistic view, the world ending tomorrow is not our biggest problem. The biggest problem we face is the world continuing after 6pm on May 21, 2011. How much longer can we continue to kill, to spread hate and fear, to oppress those without power and to worship the false gods that cause us to defile ourselves in hopes of having it all? I am ready for the end of such an age to come to be honest. Such living is not healthy for humans or planet.

Spend the next 24 hours looking at the media with an objec…

Late Night WTH rant

It is late night or early morning. Either way I shall sleep after this post. I just had a WTH moment. When I started blogging, I expected to get some resistance. I am however blogging from Mississippi. However, I blog anyway without fear. If you follow me on twitter I state I blog without fear for I am an American. I also blog without getting paid for it. Having that reality staring me in the face, I have been forced to apply for positions within my profession.

As a courtesy to those close to me, I contact them earlier this week to let them know I would be undergoing investigation by the Feds. Sometimes in my work I work with confidential items. While I believe in freedom of information, I am not willing to put my country at risk by being loose of lips or fingers. I told the company investigate away, you will not find anything that I have not told you. I did say I could not vouch for my relatives.

My family. My loving family is the reason for my rant. I have been asked to st…

Georgia On My Mind, Immigration Again!!!

Quote from NYT article: “States don’t have the legal authority to deport. We don’t have the legal authority to secure our borders,” Mr. Ramsey said. "But our goal is, within a constitutional framework, to eliminate incentives for illegal aliens to cross into our state."

Since 2008 I have had to wonder what has become of my country. President Obama’s win was like a call for all out racial hatred via government on minorities. The latest attack came from GA. I am not sure if the recent passage of an AZ style immigration law in GA is an exercise in futility or in racial intimidation.

Review of the hate legislation that failed to pass in MS, conjures up thoughts of the sad days in American history. Racial profiling is just the tip of the wrongs of this legislation. Anyone found to have given aid to someone who is not in the country legally, that person goes to jail (intimidation). Such legislation makes it understandable as to why some wish to remove our hateful past from …

The Prez Came to Town and I Got .....

I am currently in North Mississippi charging my phone before heading home. I took the scenic route behind a tractor to arrive in North Mississippi; my phone is dead. Today President Obama came to view the flood damage and to give the commencement at Booker T. Washington H.S. in Memphis. I decided to join a watch party in south Memphis(Southhaven MS). There were several moments during the watch party that underscored why progressives, dems, liberals, etc... continue to shoot themselves.

Arrive on time. I was late for the watch party because although I left home 4 hour before the event, I forgot to take the express way. People pulling over to look at high water and tractors will make you late. The point is I was late and often people in the liberal camp are late. They spend too much time being understanding and reaching out to others to be on time. We have got to be on time. We must be on time and stay on point with our messages.

Prima Donna. If you ever meet me the first thin…

Quick thought on Da Man

My first lesson in English was about Da Man. Da Man did not like me and would always be out to get me. Da Man took many forms but the intent was always the same, to hold me down. I have in my old age come to understand that Da Man is out to get anyone who is not Da Man. Yet, the strangest thing I have noticed is how the victims of Da Man fight each other rather than Da Man.

It should be a simple matter for poor people, ethnic minorities, women, children, homosexuals, medically disabled, chronic health suffers, people who care about others, and those who give a damn about the planet in general to come together to fight the man. Yet that is not the case. When you get these people in a room either they seek to establish a position closer to Da Man. As a student of psychology, I understand this phenomenon on an intellectual level but my heart just says, WTF. This behavior explains why time and time again people vote against their best interests.

This morning, I am posting to ease …

Just hanging with friends

Sometimes when I have enough of my dry county life, I head to Jackson to take in the sights and sounds of the big city. I am posting some pics I took on one such visit to Jackson.

I am still learning how to be better at video. I hope to have it right before son graduates from high school. If not I shall have it ready in time for my first grandchild's Ph.D. ceremony.

D Man - Deregulation of service industries

I originally wrote this article last Tuesday but "Da Man" denied access to my blog. I am back. "Da Man" will not keep me down. On to the actual article:

Today my inspiration for blogging came during a townhall meeting about something very important to me, high-speed internet access. I have blogged in the past about my lack of access to high speed internet without giving up body parts. This posting to the blog will not be about the dead horse I have been beating for almost 6 years, I shall blog now about a rare moment of honesty. This afternoon, I dragged my son to a townhall hosted by our PSC (Public Service Commission) for the Northern District in Mississippi. The commissioner made a statement today that struck home with me. Deregulation. I was glad he used the “D” word and not I. I am sure if I used the “D” word it would have been seen as a liberal takeover at the townhall.

Deregulation of industries in America has not served the people as well as they…

Loving the Child


I share today my personal beliefs regarding children. I believe each child encountered should be shown real love. You never know what happens in a child's home. Sometimes the love you show is the only thing that reminds the child they are worthy of being love.

Although I know my biological mother loves me, alcoholism got/ gets in the way of her being able to express that love to me or my brother in a beneficial manner. I have been blessed to have been loved by " the village" My brother, time and time again, rejects the village while acknowledging the village does exist for him as well.

Today I write to thank some women who have become part of my village during this next phase of my life. ET shows me how to live in truth and without fear she shows to me how to reach the desires of my heart CJ reminds me how to balance my life so I may care for my family while doing for myself. JWT constantly works to keep me aware of the need to put love into every area of my…

There was no tea at the Tea Party

I attended a Tea Party rally in Jackson, MS on the 7th of May. It was my first actually Tea Party rally. Some things in life demand alcohol sadly, I had none to go with the tea. I went with expectations of being presented with new solutions to the problems we are facing in Mississippi and America. What I got was nothing more than the same worn out talking points I have gotten in the MSM. I have a low tolerance for BS, mainly because I am so full of my own mess, and it was not long before I found myself responding out loud to the steady stream of BS coming over the PA.

The rally started with the typical ritual of Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner. I was confused why the ritual was required. I have yet to be mistaken for anything other than an American by people outside the United States. I, in fact, am guilty of taking for granted that I shall be an American until the day I die. I do not sing the Star Spangled banner every time I step out in public ( I normally…

My anger has returned

I spent all of yesterday and much of today attempting to rid my mind of the many takes of bin Laden's death on which I could blog. Last night I resorted to rum and coke yet the Republican spin on bin Laden's death continued to swril in my head. The spin had me. I could not think. I could not see. I could barely hear. It is what I barely heard that finally allowed me to stop the spin. I heard the voice of my son telling me about his day at school. Oh happy, happy school daze it seems.

My son's voice came to me today during a conversation I was having with a girlfriend about the Republican spin of lies. I then told to her the story he told to me. My son told to me how he engaged his science teacher in a discussion about President Obama. At some point in the conversation my son said something to the effect of "President Obama does not own any oil rigs". His science teacher replied, " He does not own any oil rigs? What about the oil washing ashore in t…

MS Still Hating

In response to the death of Usama Bin Laden, a local television station posted a FB question as to if his death would help President Obama win re-election. Before I continue I must state, I live in Mississippi. To say the thread went racial is a given, the real question is how long did it take it to go violent? In less than 239 comments in the span of less than 30 minutes, the thread was violent as well as racial.

There were threats by whites and blacks against each other. It amazed me as to how quickly a yes or no question could produce racially tinged violence. Even for Mississippi that was quick. I read the thread with dismay for it showed so much of what this state is known for by the rest of the world. Yes, the world not just rest of the United States believes Mississippi is the hotbed of racial injustice in the United States. I have spent many hours of my travels defended this state just to read such rhetoric. Are they saying such things only because they are online? Why…

Where do we go from here

One of my favorite songs is "Come Together". It is sad that we as humans can not come together unless death or violence is involved. As the celebrations across the United States continue , there are some who are not toasting to the demise of another but are pondering the meaning of his death. If people take a moment to remember, our lives did not improve after the death of Saddam Hussein. Heck, the lives of Iraqis did not improve after the death of Saddam. What improvements will come to us because Osama bin Laden is dead? We are not more or less safe than before his death. We are still human.

In our humanity will we now withdraw our troops from foreign lands to bring them home? Will we finally put into practice the words we recite on Sundays across our nation? Do we finally beat our swords into plows to till our land? What happens now? How do we cause it to happen? Just as Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Cheney came together to create Armageddon according to biblical wri…

Quick and Dirty: I am still mad

Today I do not celebrate OBL's death. I am still too caught up in the deaths of our children in Iraq to celebrate. I am still too angry, mad as hell, at the sensless deaths in Iraq.

In 2003 I wrote an Op-Ed about how if we were serious we would be in Pakistan not banging the gong to go to Iraq. I am mad as a wet hen. I joke about the stress children cause but I still love them. I treasure children and desire for each of them to have the best life possible. However, when we have a government of leaders who do not have children in the military, we see them sending our children off to war for the slilghtest reason. Check out Bush on OBL's capture:

He did not have a dog in the fight but sent our children to die. I am mad. I am mad as heck.

I ask of the president to get us out of Lybia we do not need to put boots on the ground. Our children are worth more than cannon fodder. OBL is gone but there are others just as virulent and they are not ne…

Osama Bin Laden dead

It is amazing that he was killed in Pakistan. A country where I said in 2001 that if we were serious we would go there to get him. Instead we went to Iraq on pure bull.

I do not celebrate his death. I moan for the senseless loss of lives we have caused since 2001.

Bush once said Bin Laden was not his problem. He stated Bin Laden was the next president's problem. Obama has his resolution.

I now wait for the media to give Bush credit. Americans need to be cautious in their response. Bin Laden's death is not s mandate he is just dead. Imperialism will no longer be tolerated in this world.

President Obama is about to make his remarks.

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amsmadwoman's photostream

amsmadwoman's photostream on Flickr. Natchez Trace Festival 2011

To the victor go the spoils

Last night as I prepared to work on my blog update about the Royal Wedding, I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my son. In all things ADHD, I decided to write a quick blog about the nations of people of color and European wealth. Not really a far cry from my blog in the works about the Royal Wedding.

At the start of the movie, it is mentioned how Willie Wonka desired to build the largest Chocolate Factory in the world. The location for this factory was some Euro-centric country. Well the obvious thing to me in my limited knowledge of world exports is coca beans do not grow in Europe. If Willie is building the world’s largest Chocolate factory he must be importing a great amount of beans from the nations where they grow. Instead of manufacturing and processing the chocolate in the countries where the beans are grown he brings the chocolate back to his country to create jobs in his home country.

I am not opposing to creating jobs in one’s native country. I have as a …

A Royal Media Much Ado About Nothing Important

The Royal Wedding has been the talk of the media. Amongst my group of friends and associates it has not been the main topic. We have discussed: lack of news from news outlets, elected officials getting rich off the backs of the working poor, budget cuts to support continued tax cuts for the wealthy, what is actually trickling down in the world, environmental devastation in favor of corporate benefit, corporations having more rights than individuals ( Somehow the Royal Wedding did not make our lists of topics until the day before the Royal Weddings. The day before and the day of the Royal Wedding my FB account was filled with comments on the wedding. Most of the comments did not see the importance of the event. Other comments exclaimed the joys of watching a Royal wedding. As for myself, as a grown woman living in these times, I could not muster the joy for a Royal Wedding as I did when I was a 10 year old child.

As a child I remember getting out of bed e…

Party in Mississippi

Party in Mississippi

Yesterday, I attended the Natchez Trace Festival in Attala County. I was glad that there was still a town to hold the event. The county has had a tornado to touchdown every week for the last three weeks. However, people from the county, surrounding counties (also hit by tornadoes for the last three weeks) and other parts of Mississippi came together to buy and to sell handmade crafts, collectibles and food.

The people enjoyed the festival, the food, and a break in storms. However, most of the people at the festival were still concerned about the coming week of storms and would God continue to spare them. It concerned me that a people who have seen much hardships over generations where looking to the sky with a frown when they spoke of the pending storms to come next week. However, I found hope in the fact that many spoke of God’s grace.

Enjoy the pictures and make plans to attend next year, the last weekend in April. The video was shot sideways.

Stay ble…