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My anger has returned

I spent all of yesterday and much of today attempting to rid my mind of the many takes of bin Laden's death on which I could blog. Last night I resorted to rum and coke yet the Republican spin on bin Laden's death continued to swril in my head. The spin had me. I could not think. I could not see. I could barely hear. It is what I barely heard that finally allowed me to stop the spin. I heard the voice of my son telling me about his day at school. Oh happy, happy school daze it seems.

My son's voice came to me today during a conversation I was having with a girlfriend about the Republican spin of lies. I then told to her the story he told to me. My son told to me how he engaged his science teacher in a discussion about President Obama. At some point in the conversation my son said something to the effect of "President Obama does not own any oil rigs". His science teacher replied, " He does not own any oil rigs? What about the oil washing ashore in the Gulf?" I amazed myself by not cursing in front of my son. Instead I said, "What???!!!???" "Obama does not even own a vested intrests any any oil company let alone a rig. How crazy is your teacher?" Considering I have overlooked this teacher's views (i.e. global warming not being real and God created the world in 7 days) in the past, my response was a mild one.

I then explained to my son how at the time of the oil spill Obama had not been presidnet for even 2 years. I also explained how the paperwork from the agencies designed regualte offshore drilling was seemily correct for the 8 years prior to President Obama taking office. I then expalined how when Obama took office he did not have the time to go through the offshore drilling paperwork with a fine tooth comb. Given he does not have a degree in petroleum engineering it would not do much good for him to done so anyway. However, he did do what he could do as our president, he issue an moritorium on offshore drilling. However, the people and the Republican powers that be fought the moritorium. Sadly a few months after the moritorium was issues, a second rig exploded in the Gulf.

My son attends a school that does not have a dress code, yet wearing an Obama t-shirt can cause a child to be sent home. To say I live in a conservative area is an understatment. It amazes me that this school district has been able to produce students who score, consistently, above aveage on national standardize tests. It amazes me, these people have an education but still basically teach according to the bible in the public school system.

Whew!!! It feels good to have found my anger. I was worried that I had lost it. I shall work on gas prices and high speed rail, the dead horse I love to beat. Yes, my son regretted telling his day to me. However, he is well armed to deal with what he has to face at school.


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