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President Dufus???!!!???

I took time this Sunday morning to engage in one of my unhealthy pastimes, watching Sunday morning political talk shows. I knew the morning would not pass without my hearing some baseless swipe at President Obama. This morning the swipe was in regards to the President’s level of intellect by Pawlenty( I am guessing he has an above average IQ. I am not basing my guess on my course work in the field of IQ testing or abnormal psychology. I am just thinking that if he was president of the Harvard Law Review and has written two books, the man has more than the average American when it comes to intellect. If I really thought the president was a dullard I would be the first to know since I often function using an IQ of 85 (Intellectual dullness is the product of living in a dry county).

I have to wonder what Pawlenty thought of G.W. Bush’s intellect ( Bush used terms that left many, even in the South, wonder what the heck he said. Bush’s ability to mess up a common saying is legendary ( Many in the GOP claim his administration’s tax cuts were such a work of economic brilliance they were willing to hold unemployment benefits hostage to keep them (

President Obama has faults. I find fault with him for attempting to be bi-partisan in the face of the hostile and manipulative behaviors of the right and the far-right. Although some on the left think he has given up a whole steer to get a steak(, President Obama has managed to get legislation passed that benefits all of America. He has done all of these things in the two years he has been in office and under a constant barrage of attacks based on his supposed lack of intelligence.

His lack of intelligence has been spoken on so much by various pundits that it is not just the traditional sheep who believe the reports. Donald Trump even hinted at the lack of intelligence of the president when he suggested Obama did not deserve to attend Harvard. Pawlenty’s statement to Christiane Amanpour regarding dufus was a swipe at the president. Yet, I have to wonder how Pawlenty would have handled the Osama bin Laden matter. Would Pawlenty continue to push the idea of a war on Islam? There are people who deserve the title of dufus. George Bush II for all he did was not a dufus. President Obama is very far from being a dufus. Hence the reason the British secrete service code named him smart alec ( Pawlenty needs to be more clear and informed if he wishes to president of the United States.

Aside: This links to a U.S. media outlet attempts to clear up another Euro-centric swipe at the president. The article attempts to state the code name was not smart alec for the president but for his visit. Hmmmmm I may be slow but I am not that damn slow. I recently cleaned a computer for someone who had a video of those in power in Euro-centric countries snubbing the president by not shaking his hand. I did not even keep a clipping of Bush getting a shoe to the head. I do not celebrate ignorance. The only way for our species to survive is to come together. Maybe one day we will learn it is more than a simple game of hooray for our side.



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