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What is really important?

Aside from not being caught up in rapture (divine or delight)my weekend was pretty mild. There was very little that had me saying WTH. Then again I spent most of last week saying WTH and Really??!!??? This week I am looking forward to a quiet and logic filled week with my family and fellow Americans. One moment, I need to check the newsfeeds to be sure there is nothing out there about which to get my dander up. Nope nothing new yet. With nothing new, I shall beat a dead horse/elephant/donkey. The media is attempting to work us into a lather over the 2012 presidential elections by presenting us with a gaggle of clowns every week.

It is with great joy that I am seeing some people opt to not run rather than to join the media circus. It is with bated breath that I wait for the real performers to join the fray (ala Sarah Palin). My analysis from the clowns proposing to run for the highest office in the land is oversimplified. These clowns think that if a black man can become president then anyone can be president. My response to their thought process is no that is not what that means.

Obama's win of the White House is not a green light for any bozo to run for POTUS. His win is the result of 6 years of failed GOP policy and the reluctance of a Democratic majority to reject those policies. If one wishes to be POTUS one still needs to project an air of intelligence and some level of honesty. The American voting population is not made up of mostly dumb and blind voters.

However, I do have to wonder if the media blitz is designed to keep us blind to the local elections that actually mean more than the presidential election. Being blind to the local elections allowed the current group of Tea Party backed officials to get into office. The results of their elections to office has been no legislation to create jobs but pretty of legislation to divide the nation. They have even created legislation to create a population of serfs. Maybe we need to awaken to the real show. The show that is going on in our local elections. The current GOP contenders for president ensure a win for Obama in 2012.

Get local people.



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