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To the victor go the spoils

Last night as I prepared to work on my blog update about the Royal Wedding, I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my son. In all things ADHD, I decided to write a quick blog about the nations of people of color and European wealth. Not really a far cry from my blog in the works about the Royal Wedding.

At the start of the movie, it is mentioned how Willie Wonka desired to build the largest Chocolate Factory in the world. The location for this factory was some Euro-centric country. Well the obvious thing to me in my limited knowledge of world exports is coca beans do not grow in Europe. If Willie is building the world’s largest Chocolate factory he must be importing a great amount of beans from the nations where they grow. Instead of manufacturing and processing the chocolate in the countries where the beans are grown he brings the chocolate back to his country to create jobs in his home country.

I am not opposing to creating jobs in one’s native country. I have as a personal goal to increase real environmentally friendly jobs in Mississippi. I am pointing out that the hypocrisy in calling nations Third World when they provide most of the natural resources that we use to create our own First World nations. They have stayed Third World at the global instance of First World nations. We did our best to keep China Third World.

I look at Haiti and the fact that it has been kept Third World after daring to revolt against a First World European nation. The Haiti we see today is the result of over a century of sanctions. Many South American countries without a European majority population are vilified in European media sources when they do not willingly turn over their natural resources at a discounted rate. When it seems that an African nation has stability and desires to spread that stability to other African nations, that nation has a mysterious uprising from within its borders. We even vilify China which beat out our attempts to keep it Third World.

Another thing of which I became aware as I watched the remake featuring Johnny Depp was the usage of people from warm climates to do the work. In the movie the people loved chocolate but had none where they lived. In exchange for being allowed to work with chocolate they left their homeland to work in another land where they were paid in chocolate. As a woman of black African heritage, the thoughts about how the Africans became enslaved by Europeans came to mind. Enough said.

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Facotory is what of my all time favorite movies. Last night as I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my son, I enjoyed it more as I understood what Roald Dahl must have been trying to say in his day when he wrote the book. Am I saying anything new? No. Am I crazy? Well given my life it is very possible for me to be a stone cold nut. However, when the raw history of the world is supper imposed on the natural allocation of natural resources in the world it makes one wonder. I often wonder what makes a nation Third World if it contains most of the resources used by the world.

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Please remember the United States is the result of Native American extermination. I love my country. I am honest about how it came to be. I do not take pride in things I did not do and I do not continue to persecute others to achieve my own personal success. Manifest Destiny should be no country’s mode of operation. I cannot think of many Americans who would be happy with “to the victor go the spoils” if they were not the victors. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, my dear Christians. Until we step out on faith and show love for all we doom our species to extinction.


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