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Loving the Child


I share today my personal beliefs regarding children. I believe each child encountered should be shown real love. You never know what happens in a child's home. Sometimes the love you show is the only thing that reminds the child they are worthy of being love.

Although I know my biological mother loves me, alcoholism got/ gets in the way of her being able to express that love to me or my brother in a beneficial manner. I have been blessed to have been loved by " the village" My brother, time and time again, rejects the village while acknowledging the village does exist for him as well.

Today I write to thank some women who have become part of my village during this next phase of my life. ET shows me how to live in truth and without fear she shows to me how to reach the desires of my heart CJ reminds me how to balance my life so I may care for my family while doing for myself. JWT constantly works to keep me aware of the need to put love into every area of my life, even when I do not want to do so. She sends out thoughts of love to calm my justified ( in my mind) anger. I am thankful for each of these women for coming into my life at this time.

Today remember even if you did not birth a child you can share a mother's love with a child. Love is the key to our human evolution.


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