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Quick thought on Da Man

My first lesson in English was about Da Man. Da Man did not like me and would always be out to get me. Da Man took many forms but the intent was always the same, to hold me down. I have in my old age come to understand that Da Man is out to get anyone who is not Da Man. Yet, the strangest thing I have noticed is how the victims of Da Man fight each other rather than Da Man.

It should be a simple matter for poor people, ethnic minorities, women, children, homosexuals, medically disabled, chronic health suffers, people who care about others, and those who give a damn about the planet in general to come together to fight the man. Yet that is not the case. When you get these people in a room either they seek to establish a position closer to Da Man. As a student of psychology, I understand this phenomenon on an intellectual level but my heart just says, WTF. This behavior explains why time and time again people vote against their best interests.

This morning, I am posting to ease my mind. I am attempting to understand the craziness that I see the victims commit everyday. These people vote for making racial profiling the law of the land. They vote for eliminating public healthcare. They vote for the government to decide who can get married. They vote to would prevent women from working outside the home. They vote to route children to minimum wage jobs and to pay a training wage(less than minimum) to these same undereducated children. It is impossible to remain sane when you see people voting for the very things that keep them down.

My Don Quixote quest is to change the minds of Da Man’s victims to stop this destructive behavior. I know should I find a way; I shall make billions in the diet industry. Yet this destructive behavior costs this country trillions.


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