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Georgia On My Mind, Immigration Again!!!

Quote from NYT article: “States don’t have the legal authority to deport. We don’t have the legal authority to secure our borders,” Mr. Ramsey said. "But our goal is, within a constitutional framework, to eliminate incentives for illegal aliens to cross into our state."

Since 2008 I have had to wonder what has become of my country. President Obama’s win was like a call for all out racial hatred via government on minorities. The latest attack came from GA. I am not sure if the recent passage of an AZ style immigration law in GA is an exercise in futility or in racial intimidation.

Review of the hate legislation that failed to pass in MS, conjures up thoughts of the sad days in American history. Racial profiling is just the tip of the wrongs of this legislation. Anyone found to have given aid to someone who is not in the country legally, that person goes to jail (intimidation). Such legislation makes it understandable as to why some wish to remove our hateful past from textbooks.( However, a textbook is not required to know this legislation out of GA is hate based. Yet, legislators across the United States would do well to look into a law book. The AZ immigration law has been ruled unconstitutional at the federal level. Is it really worth the time an effort to create such legislation?

I think legislation aimed at the companies that employ people in the country illegally would yield more results than intimidating people. In fact such legislation is already in existence ( However it is well known that the employment law is not enforced. Yet for some reason recent immigration legislation is designed to do nothing more than express the fears of those against people of color coming to America.

Fear based laws rarely take logic into account. If these laws have been found to be in violation of federal regulation, what purpose do they serve? Can states deport people back to their country of origin? What will be the cost to the tax payers to detain people not in the country legally? Finally, deporting these people back to their country of origin will allow whom to work on the farms? When I spent $285 a week on pre-school, I did so with visions of Yale and Oxford in my head. Even those who come to work in the fields of America do so with visions of their children being able to attend universities. As I typed those words, I know I have hit on the real reason for all of this fear based legislation.

There is no outrage over the number of people coming to America from Europe or Canada to work jobs Americans really would work (news reporter, talk show host, acting, singing, etc…). I did not mention my profession, IT, for it has been exported to India and other parts of the world. What we need in America is a shorter comprehensive path to becoming a citizen. Also, if there are people who desire to come here to work but have plans to return to their country of origin, then let them. However nothing will be done to reform immigration until corporations are held accountable.

Links Carlos Santana speaks out against GA’s immigration law NY Times Article on GA’s immigration law Groups forming to fight GA’s immigration law Mississippi does not pass immigration law Link to existing immigration laws Wiki link. I rarely use Wiki as a resource but this one is worth it


  1. When people have no real solutions to our economy and unemployment, they create scapegoats and false enemies to help make themselves feel better - or for politicians it could well be smoke and mirrors distraction tactics.


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