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Late Night WTH rant

It is late night or early morning. Either way I shall sleep after this post. I just had a WTH moment. When I started blogging, I expected to get some resistance. I am however blogging from Mississippi. However, I blog anyway without fear. If you follow me on twitter I state I blog without fear for I am an American. I also blog without getting paid for it. Having that reality staring me in the face, I have been forced to apply for positions within my profession.

As a courtesy to those close to me, I contact them earlier this week to let them know I would be undergoing investigation by the Feds. Sometimes in my work I work with confidential items. While I believe in freedom of information, I am not willing to put my country at risk by being loose of lips or fingers. I told the company investigate away, you will not find anything that I have not told you. I did say I could not vouch for my relatives.

My family. My loving family is the reason for my rant. I have been asked to stop blogging. I have not been asked out of fear the Feds will read my post. I have not been asked out of fear for my children. I have been asked because I raise the possibility of having the authorities around my house.

Allow me to be clear. Everything I do is not always right. My goal in life is to do what is right 100% of the time but I fall short. My grandmother always said if you can not do it in the light you should not do it in the dark( I am a nooner queen). I could not believe that I was being asked to stop my activities for it may interfere with someone's not so legal activities. WTH.

If you are reading this posting you now know why I did not put out an announcement. Sometimes I just have to write the shit out before I go crazy as the world around me. WTH


  1. As a friend, I feel I have to represent the opposing view - I enjoy your rants, but I especially enjoy your honesty. Don't stop doing what you do, dammit!


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