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Getting Right Back to Nullifying Votes

People, please click on the title link to this posting. ( We have a problem. I am a devout independent. However, when you have a group of people who ran on the promise to create jobs spend more time discussing none job issues something is amiss. In this case what is amiss is an attempt to nullify/disenfranchise voters. The GOP is facing the reality they do not have a candidate for president of the United States and are pulling out every hat trick they know.

I was willing to over look the "Voter ID" mandates showing up across the United States. I think to heck with it. If we have voter ID then a person should not need to ever have to register to vote once they have been ID as a registered voter. There will be no more purging of the rolls. I think it should be tied to driver's license or state issue ID cards. It should be good for any state in the union. We now have the technology to support such a system(Oracle). What that would mean for local political organizers is a made rush to get people registered before the next election cycle. It is a small price to pay in order to get this country focused on real matters (Corporations taking over our government). At the moment "voter ID" keeps us from looking at the real issues in this country.

Those in the know understand what the real issues are in this country. They see that the current field of GOP presidential candidates will not be able to unseat Obama in 2012. They know once Obama is in his second term he will open up the can of Whip Azz he has had on ice since November 2008. They also understand that if they push back against the progressive legislation he plans to submit during his second term in office, they risk losing seats in Congress for generations to come. Hence the reason we are seeing a flurry of cases going to the SCOTUS to bolster states' rights and now we are seeing the proposal to end the EAC.

The EAC was formed in 2002. There were several things that had occurred prior to its formation mainly the 2000 election. Anyone who lived in the United States and voted during that time remember the sense of loss and voter fraud at the hands of the government that swept the nation. In 2004 we had to have election observers at our polls to confirm our votes were being counted properly. Yet, the Secretary of State for Ohio still attempted to pull a Florida. When I read how the Association of Secretaries of State supported the elimination of the EAC, I thought "no me diga". Their reasoning was the EAC was a redundancy that could be absorbed into the FEC. Where the hell was the FEC during the 2000 election? The election where Florida State Troopers, carrying ballots, could not find the local ballot counting office for over 2 hours. The election where people were purged from the voting rolls without just cause.

When I see articles such as these, I wonder why they are not making headline news in the United States? Why are we more concern with DWTS and American Idol than our right to chose our leaders? We have a problem and we need to fix it now. It is time for us to come together to stop this domination of our government by corporations. All of these machinations to rigged the election is not to keep minorities from voting but to ensure that those who are elected are willing to put corporations over people.


Today I am placing a few links. I am so very angry that we are not hearing more about this matter in the media. (please read this link)


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