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MS Still Hating

In response to the death of Usama Bin Laden, a local television station posted a FB question as to if his death would help President Obama win re-election. Before I continue I must state, I live in Mississippi. To say the thread went racial is a given, the real question is how long did it take it to go violent? In less than 239 comments in the span of less than 30 minutes, the thread was violent as well as racial.

There were threats by whites and blacks against each other. It amazed me as to how quickly a yes or no question could produce racially tinged violence. Even for Mississippi that was quick. I read the thread with dismay for it showed so much of what this state is known for by the rest of the world. Yes, the world not just rest of the United States believes Mississippi is the hotbed of racial injustice in the United States. I have spent many hours of my travels defended this state just to read such rhetoric. Are they saying such things only because they are online? Why are these people still thinking in such hate-filled ways?

When I speak with white Mississippians, they are always quick to point out the racism in other parts of the United States. Given I have travelled a great deal; I know there is racism outside of Mississippi. However, racism outside of Mississippi is not the issue. At issue is it is 2011, a known terrorist has been killed, and we are still full of racial hate in this state.

Before anyone who was on that thread send a comment to me, allow me to say some of the most violent posts came from a young black woman. She claimed to have a MA in accounting. The racism in Mississippi is no longer one of whites being openly rude to blacks, the pendulum now swings the other way. At some point, blacks must accept history as simply history. There is no need for pre-emptive strikes against whites to prevent a return to the days of slavery or Jim Crowe.

We all in Mississippi would be best serve to let go of the hate. We should teach to our young ways to let go of the hate. The starting point should be not using words of hate. The young black woman mentioned that her best friend is white and they use words of racial hatred. Maybe I am just an old woman, no longer connected with the youth, but my old, dusty, rusty, crusty, Caucasian friends and I do not swap words of racial hatred. We may throw a few Bs and H’s around after a few drinks. However, after a few drinks, we lament our time as B’s and unpaid H’s. (We have no men around during these discussions. We are Southern Ladies after all.). We spend most of our time using words of love, understanding, and support with each other. We celebrate each other’s successes and work to mitigate each failure. I shall end before I start to chase the “what is wrong with today’s youth” rabbit. In addition, for another post is my amazement at Mississippians who continue to think the president is a Muslim.

Remember uplift everyone. It is easy to love those such as you show love for someone different from yourself. Peace is with you.

My response to the question was simple: President Obama shall win because the Republicans are doing themselves in thanks to Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.


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