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Getting Up, Getting Out, and Just Doing the Dang Thing

I am not just a stay at home blogger, who blogs about what I observe. I am also an activist. I implore others to get up, get out, and just do it. What matters to me is that people are active, not if they agree with me. As I always say, I am a goddess not god. All I do is not straight gospel or divine. Yet, I know staying quiet, staying in, and not doing anything leads to decay. Decay of the mind, body and soul is not good for anyone or anything. Keeping active is the reason I recently posted a question to my FB buddies regarding the governor’s race in Mississippi. I asked, “What would you ask those running for governor of Mississippi?” I received a few replies.

My purpose of the question was to get a view of what is important to other people and to ask the candidates themselves these questions. I shall post the replies by Friday, May 27th on this blog. I shall also pass the responses along to my FB buddies who asked the questions.

What I am asking of Mississippians is not reserve for Mississippians. I am asking something that should be asked of all Americans and of all citizens of the world. Will you please get up, get out, and just do the dang thing?

Questions asked:

What happened to all the promises made that allowing gambling in MS would solve all of our woes? Schools are worse than ever, housing is awful, streets and roads are abominable, and the list goes on. Who is getting all this 'promised' money?

If he believe in Human Right and Dignity even in Gays or HIV perspective

What are the Job requirement if he fail as governor so someone else can fill his shoes

Where are the push cards???

Would you support creating a State Bank of Mississippi?

What can be done to make quality health care available to everyone. There are many people that can not afford health insurance (or can't get it due to pre-existing conditions) but do not qualify for any kind of government assistance.

‎"are you a racist" ?
follow up..........prove it

Do you believe in the equality of all this state's citizens? Then challenge the disparities.


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