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Quick and Dirty: I am still mad

Today I do not celebrate OBL's death. I am still too caught up in the deaths of our children in Iraq to celebrate. I am still too angry, mad as hell, at the sensless deaths in Iraq.

In 2003 I wrote an Op-Ed about how if we were serious we would be in Pakistan not banging the gong to go to Iraq. I am mad as a wet hen. I joke about the stress children cause but I still love them. I treasure children and desire for each of them to have the best life possible. However, when we have a government of leaders who do not have children in the military, we see them sending our children off to war for the slilghtest reason. Check out Bush on OBL's capture:

He did not have a dog in the fight but sent our children to die. I am mad. I am mad as heck.

I ask of the president to get us out of Lybia we do not need to put boots on the ground. Our children are worth more than cannon fodder. OBL is gone but there are others just as virulent and they are not necessarily within Islam.

It is time we move beyond war. Egypt and Tunsinia should be examples.


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