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A Royal Media Much Ado About Nothing Important

The Royal Wedding has been the talk of the media. Amongst my group of friends and associates it has not been the main topic. We have discussed: lack of news from news outlets, elected officials getting rich off the backs of the working poor, budget cuts to support continued tax cuts for the wealthy, what is actually trickling down in the world, environmental devastation in favor of corporate benefit, corporations having more rights than individuals ( Somehow the Royal Wedding did not make our lists of topics until the day before the Royal Weddings. The day before and the day of the Royal Wedding my FB account was filled with comments on the wedding. Most of the comments did not see the importance of the event. Other comments exclaimed the joys of watching a Royal wedding. As for myself, as a grown woman living in these times, I could not muster the joy for a Royal Wedding as I did when I was a 10 year old child.

As a child I remember getting out of bed early to watch the Royal Wedding. My parents were in bed sound asleep as I crept to the living room to watch the wedding, in color. I loved the soon to be Princess Diana. I found her to be the most beautiful woman in the world. There was one question rumbling in my 10 year old mind. That question was not how many people of color where at the wedding? That question was not how much did it cost? I did not even wonder why so much attention was being placed on the wedding and not the HIV? I wondered why such a beautiful woman manrrying was such an ugly man. Days after the wedding, I would look at his picture attempting to find some physical beauty in this man. When Diana became pregnant with William, I searched harder. When she died, I cried for I felt the loss of my childhood.

It could be the death of Diana that created a need in me to not feed into the media frenzy about her son’s marriage. However, I am sure it has more to do with the austerity measures taken by the British government against the poor and the working poor that had me a little miffed. In a time when the poor are being told they will remain poor by government design, Great Britain put on a 30 million dollar wedding. While there were many on FB who noted the lack of people of color, I was noting the cost. Especially since the Royals are not actually running the country.

There are some who will point to the fact that the queen has her own private income. I ask what actually job has she held that did not derive its income from the taxation of British subjects? If she has private investments then why are the Royals still accepting funding from the State for their private lives? In times of such austerity in Britain should they not pay for their own public appearances? Cutting back to one tin of caviar a week is not what I would call support for the people. In support for the people of Britain and because I am naturally cheap, I found myself unable to give into the media hype of this wedding. Then again maybe I have a desire to see the sons of Diana have something she did not, privacy. It would have been well and done for me if they had gone to see the local barrister for their wedding. I wish the children of Diana well in all they do. I wish the media to give to them the privacy that should have been given to their mother.

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Queens Income
Keep in mind the Queen’s private income is derived from exploitation of the lands of people of color and the domination of the Irish by those who came before her. She has a lavish inheritance to which one can only guess as to the actual amount.

Britain Austerity Budget


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