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Where do we go from here

One of my favorite songs is "Come Together". It is sad that we as humans can not come together unless death or violence is involved. As the celebrations across the United States continue , there are some who are not toasting to the demise of another but are pondering the meaning of his death. If people take a moment to remember, our lives did not improve after the death of Saddam Hussein. Heck, the lives of Iraqis did not improve after the death of Saddam. What improvements will come to us because Osama bin Laden is dead? We are not more or less safe than before his death. We are still human.

In our humanity will we now withdraw our troops from foreign lands to bring them home? Will we finally put into practice the words we recite on Sundays across our nation? Do we finally beat our swords into plows to till our land? What happens now? How do we cause it to happen? Just as Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Cheney came together to create Armageddon according to biblical writings can we come together to create a peace? Let's come together over peace.

Links to stories written by people more informed than I. Please read. Calls to bring home troops Project for a New American Century, a must read A time line of events in Iraq by the BBC News Read through this work of free fiction from US govt'. In short, no things are not better since Saddam was killed.


  1. I believe this was the only war during my 43 years on this planet that was 100% justified. With that being said, and given that the 9/11 mastermind is back in hell, I think absolute peace is now 100% justified.


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