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Nigger Please..Seriously, please get a grip

Okay, I am a day late and several dollars short in watching Django Unchained. Although I normally avoid Tarantino's films because of the level of violence, I felt compelled to watch this movie. I remembered the biggest thing of the movie was Spike Lee's criticism of the movie.  There were also concerns over the usage of the word nigger in the movie.  If you follow my blog then you know, I am not oversensitive and am willing to type the word nigger in my blog.  Having seen the movie, something Mr. Lee stated he would not do, I regret not having seen it at the movie theater.  In truth, I regret not having the money to see it at the theater at the time of its release.  I can only imagine the laughter of the theater patrons. 

Mr. Lee would be well served to watch the movie before he makes any such statements in the future.  I am the great-great granddaughter of a slave.  My great-grandmother was born in 1865.  I live in Mississippi on land that once housed my enslaved ancestors. …