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Oh Save Us Obama from these Prices!!!!

Yesterday, I saw an article that asked what can Obama do about gas prices? I immediately thought, what a dumb ass question. These people really do think he is Super Nigga able to do all things. He is a man. Please pass this fact on to everyone you know, Obama is a man. He can not do all things. He needs our support to get things done. Mr. President if you are reading this blog, you need to govern and not campaign. If you do your job re-election is in the bag for you. If you stand firm on the ideals that got you elected the people will stand with you. Right, people?!

We must stand with the president. We must call the WH to express our desires. Most importantly we must contact the 535 voting members of Congress to let them know what we desire. In our country the president is basically a figure head. The real power is in Congress. There is a reason many choose to never leave Congress to run for president; power. Until we put more pressure on Congress than the insurance, oil…

Something I got on the net

Item #9 concerns me the most. We must do something to reach these people.

Republicans’ Radical Agenda for America
1. Destroy 700,000 middle class jobs.
2. Zero out federal funding for National Public Radio and public television.
3. Slash $1.3 billion from community health centers and eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood.
4. Slash nearly a billion dollars in food and health care assistance to pregnant women, new moms, and children.
5. Slash support for Head Start, dropping 200,000 vulnerable children from pre-school.
6. Slash support for education to states which will eliminate 65,000 teachers and aides and dramatically increase class size.
7. Slash financial aid for 9.4 million low- and middle- income college students.
8. Slash $1.6 billion from the National Institutes of Health, a cut that will “send shockwaves” through cancer research.
9. Eliminate $400 million in support to the U.S. Weather Service’s early warning system for tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes.
10. Slash by 50% the number…

Gas Prices Still Rising, Obama Still Not Getting It

Please read the title link. The first link in my list of links has a listing of elected officials to contact. I know by now my regular readers may think I am just a lazy blogger when I post letters from the "Whorehouse" senator, David Vitter. It is not so much as I am lazy, as it is; I enjoy showing how much he is disconnected from the people. I barely have enough money to put a gallon of gas into my vehicle, which is now in the shop after I put my last $5 into the tank this morning, let alone to afford whorehouse romps in D.C. The prices are much higher in D.C. than they are in New Orleans. My point is for him to send to me a letter of how Obama is not getting "it" when his own voting record shows a continuous disconnect with a majority of working and trying to work Americans, is too funny in a sick and debase manner.

My question for Senator "Whorehouse but his wife did not leave him" Vitter is why do you fight the proposals that will help America…

Track me baby

How is everyone? It is great to be back. I had to take a break from humanity for a moment to maintain my health. I am still working on Black people post and I have one about Walmart in the works. This morning however I wish to rant on my government tracking my activities via my iPhone. Total waste of money and time. I am very willing to let it be known I am a sex addict. My text messages read better than any erotic novel currently available today. All Issa( and his crew had to do was ask. There is no need to make Apple track where I conduct my activities. Maybe Issa is excited by the voyeurism aspect of tracking me without my knowledge. Well, ha! the joke is on him, I assume whenever I am online I am being watched.

The fact that I have this blog, I attend public rallies, and I send faxes to elected officials should be enough for them to know I am a mad woman. They should be able to pick-up on the fact that because I have a few readers, I am not alone in…

Chasing the rabbit on a sunny day

Please click on the title link to get the background for the chase. I love life and humans.

Today, as life returned to my body, I took time to speak with an offline buddy about life in general. Given I am a product of my society; I was reading tweets as I spoke with my buddy. I came across one tweet about child abuse that led me to another news article in the local paper ( It is this news article that led to my buddy and I chasing the rabbit.

The article spoke of the cancellation by a local Tea Party to demonstrate outside the building that houses a local Nation of Islam Study group the day before Easter. The reason for the demonstration was to highlight radical Islam. At the end of the article there was a paragraph of an email sent earlier this week confirming the plans of the National Black Panther Party of Self Defense to be at the same location the day before Easter. All things being me, I immediately saw humor in the cancellation. My buddy and I start…

Off The Wall


I am still working on my piece about Black people. The piece is special to me for when I rant on Blacks, I know I need to have facts. Given my current mental state( I recently mistook my son's size 0< jeans as my own. I am a size " girl you should know better") the piece is slow to come together. I am posting this piece of opinion together as a place holder for the real rant I have inside of me. Yesterday, I came across a "news" item posted on several different sources about Jesse Jackson Jr.'s claim of iPad's destruction to our economy. My initial reaction was WTL???!!!?? After actually reading one of the many links to the story, I said, WTF???!!!?!!! I posted the link on FB and caused a little confusion with a FB buddy.

Here is my point, WTL???!!!?? First his statement makes about as much sense as bemoaning the moving of television manufacturing to Mexico. Why pick on the iPad killing printing when many of us already do not read. So…

Waking up with Clueless

This morning to balance out my natural happy nature I watched this week with Christiane Amanpour. It is not her journalism that kills my joy buzz it is listening to her Tea Party guests who can only speak in talking points. Speaking in talking points gets out a message but it leaves the speaker appearing rather clueless.
The clueless speakers on her show this morning were Tea Party backed congresspeople from FL, IL, and NC. No matter how Christiane asked the questions we all have about the actions of those in the House each of the Tea Party backed members answered using talking points that did not respond to the questions asked. Watch the show at to see if I only imagined the no response.

Rep. Walsh of IL when asked about raising revenue responded with talk about his legislation that proposed running our country like a household. I agree with him. In my household I cut spending and raised my revenue via a second job. It hurts but I know it will help me achieve financial stabi…


Thanks to each of you fir reading my blog. My blog has suffered from lack of rants as I have worked to get my body back in alignment Thanks for checking each day.

I am writing today to say thanks. I am thankful to be alive to feel the pain. I am thankful for the men and women of my local news casts for keeping me aware of the storm system passing through my state. I am thankful that once again my home has been spared.

No matter how much I may fuss about the number of tornado warnings I experience in a month, I am thankful to be alive to rant.

Thanks everyone for being a reader. I shall have more hubris filled rants posted soon.


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Warning Profanity Laced Post

Fuck It!!!!( Warning profanity laced post) Please take the time to read the title link.

I am taking the time to write my thoughts should I die today. I really want it known that I am pissed. I mostly pissed with my family but since my family drama is not as sexy as Congress, I shall write about Congress. Recently my country has faced a budget showdown that threatened to shutdown the federal government. I am so over the bullshit coming out of D.C. It seems, from my viewpoint a huge pissing contest, given my lack of being willing to piss on my fellow Americans and a lack of having a penis I did not have a dog in that contest. I felt forced to stand on the sidelines to wonder at how much green grass would be left edible after all of the pissing. What got me the most was the lamest reason of all to force a shutdown, Planned Parenthood. WTL!!!???@! The budget for Planned Parenthood will not erase the current deficit. We have some real power trippers in DC, fuck ‘em.

I am thank…

Keeping myself honest

I post from time to time my opinion of emails and the emails on my blog. Today I am posting an email I sent to a few progressive folks on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The point of my email to these people was to recruit help for the Make Them Pay event MoveOn will have on the 18th. The reason I am posting my email is because as I was writing to ask these people for help with the event, I chased an angry rabbit (BP). I am exposing for the world my bad habit of chasing rabbits.

At the time I wrote the email, I was still seething over BP's request to drill in the gulf. I have removed a few names from the email but all else is intact.

The rant in the middle of a recruitment email for an event.


An event is being planned for the 18th of April in Biloxi as part of the nationwide call against corporations not paying fair share of taxes. You may go to to get more information on the event. We will deliver a tax bill to a tax dodging corporation. We are in luck BP…

A slap to the face and a punch to my stomach

I am pretty dang mad this morning. A wet hen had better beware of me. I am spitting blood that is not mine. Who's butt shall I unplug next? I am angry not so much with the oil companies who do what corporations do as I am with my fellow Americans who have not join the fight to stop corporations from plugging us in the rear without oil. Pardon my being graphic but that is how I felt after this headline on my phone not once but twice

These guys got a safety bonus after destroying the waters of my ancestral and home states of MS & LA? WTL is going on? Let it be known my people were living well off the land before the oil companies came to town. Now I do not feel it is safe to allow my son to stand in waders to fish the waters. (Gators are a known risk taken for generations. ).

I am do flippin angry that there are still people in LA and MS fighting for the rights of corporations that make it impossible for us to be independent in supporting ourselves. There …

The joy of blogging

I actually thought about naming this post "Fake Azz Christians" but I like the Republicans could not remember what I had said before on the subject. So in the joy of blogging, I shall discuss the joy I get from blogging about things that really irritate me especially when children are exposed to them. Fake azz Christians top my list. If I offend anyone today so be it. I blog as amsmadwoman for a reason.

I live in a particularly conservative area of Mississippi. I returned to my hometown to help my mother correct some personal and business matters ( I was driving back and forth 7 hours a day the previous year to help her). I knew returning home the environment to which I would expose my son. He would be exposed to homophobia, sexism, racism, social apathy to anything beyond the next means of altering one's reality, and to fake azz Christians.

I accept responsibility for putting my child in such an environment but there are times when one must do things one would ra…

When will we get it?

Senator Vitter sent to me an update on his actions in DC. He is very proud of his work to help increase domestic oil to reduce our dependence on foreign oil production. Sen. Vitter is from Louisiana , the oil spill state and the current site of oil still in the water.

I live in the state next door that does not get revenue from oil companies drilling in Louisiana waters. What we do get is the crap from offshore drilling in those waters. I must be honest, I know many people in Mississippi who work in the Louisiana oil industry. I do not desire to see them unemployed,however; America needs to make real efforts to reduce dependency on oil.

I am for high-speed rail, however; many of the powers that be in the red states reject high-speed rail. LA, MS, AL, & FL are all red states affected by the oil spill. They also have rejected the idea of high-speed rail. Yet our coast lines are becoming toxic from oil production offshore.

As I read Sen. Vitter's update I was dismayed to see a …