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Gas Prices Still Rising, Obama Still Not Getting It

Please read the title link. The first link in my list of links has a listing of elected officials to contact. I know by now my regular readers may think I am just a lazy blogger when I post letters from the "Whorehouse" senator, David Vitter. It is not so much as I am lazy, as it is; I enjoy showing how much he is disconnected from the people. I barely have enough money to put a gallon of gas into my vehicle, which is now in the shop after I put my last $5 into the tank this morning, let alone to afford whorehouse romps in D.C. The prices are much higher in D.C. than they are in New Orleans. My point is for him to send to me a letter of how Obama is not getting "it" when his own voting record shows a continuous disconnect with a majority of working and trying to work Americans, is too funny in a sick and debase manner.

My question for Senator "Whorehouse but his wife did not leave him" Vitter is why do you fight the proposals that will help Americans see lower gas prices?(i.e. high-speed rai). I am an IT consultant, when desperate for money, but current gas prices are forcing me to up my rates to my customers. I cover all of Mississippi, parts of AL, LA, and TN. I go wherever people will pay me. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of the benefits of high-speed rail. Yet repeatedly Vitter and his "homies" continue to push for offshore drilling. The same off shore drilling that makes swimming, fishing, and drinking the water along the Coast impossible. People in the know, know not to do any of those activities on the Coast.

When I get an email from Vitter, especially one entitled Obama not getting "it", I have to wonder if he and I even live on the same planet let alone the same country.

Here is his email:

Dear Friend,

The price at the pump is unfortunately continuing to climb, and the average price for a gallon of gas is now at $3.86. This is obviously creating a huge burden for Louisiana families.

Yet, instead of embracing common sense policies that could immediately ease some pain at the pump, the President's latest gimmick is a new task force to investigate the oil and gas markets.

Like you, I'm infuriated when I go fill up our mini-van. And like you, I know that real policy and real action is what we need to lower the price of gas – not some new task force or commission.

That is why I recently introduced legislation -- 3-D: The Domestic Jobs, Domestic Energy, and Deficit Reduction Act of 2011. It would unleash our vast domestic energy potential to create American jobs, help free us from our reliance on foreign oil and begin to reduce our $14 trillion national debt. The 3-D Act speeds up the permitting process while ensuring the responsible development of our abundant domestic resources.

Here in Louisiana we know first-hand the importance of producing domestic energy, but the administration continues to drag its feet on issuing permits, keeping much of the Gulf of Mexico off limits for energy production.

In addition to introducing the 3-D Act, I have placed a hold on one of Obama's top Interior Department nominees until they issue at least 15 new deepwater exploratory permits. There were zero when I placed the hold; today there are 11. Once we reach the benchmark of 15, I'll continue pushing for more so we can reach and even exceed pre-oil spill production numbers.

Increasing domestic energy supply will bring down the price of gasoline, but first, we must dig our way out of the mountains of regulations under which the administration has buried the Gulf Coast energy project.


David Vitter Signature

David Vitter
United States Senator

Links (blog opposing high-speed rail. you will find a listing of elected officials to contact about high-speed rail. contact them to get them to support it.),8599,1957575,00.html


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