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Oh Save Us Obama from these Prices!!!!

Yesterday, I saw an article that asked what can Obama do about gas prices? I immediately thought, what a dumb ass question. These people really do think he is Super Nigga able to do all things. He is a man. Please pass this fact on to everyone you know, Obama is a man. He can not do all things. He needs our support to get things done. Mr. President if you are reading this blog, you need to govern and not campaign. If you do your job re-election is in the bag for you. If you stand firm on the ideals that got you elected the people will stand with you. Right, people?!

We must stand with the president. We must call the WH to express our desires. Most importantly we must contact the 535 voting members of Congress to let them know what we desire. In our country the president is basically a figure head. The real power is in Congress. There is a reason many choose to never leave Congress to run for president; power. Until we put more pressure on Congress than the insurance, oil, and financial lobbyist we will not see legislation that actually benefits working class and the poor in America. The cold hard truth of life is our members of Congress enjoy, along with government health care plans and lifetime income at the taxpayer's expense, the benefits that lobbyist afford to them. Am I saying we should buy off our members of Congress? Nope. I am saying we need to watch them as they watch us via various enigmatic laws ( wire tapping, screening at airports, etc...). We need to call them to the carpet when they are caught voting according to the perks they have received. They should be recalled from their public position and stripped of any claim to any of the benefits afforded to former members of Congress. We put them in Congress and we have the power to remove them from Congress with our vote.

If we really wanted the gas prices to go down, we would insist that the energy speculators in the market be put on trial. I know they are only earning a living but if that living prevents others from being able to have basic living standards then they need to be stopped. I know it is legal but if they can only see their bank accounts and not the people needing to go to work, we need to stop them. We should have them on trial and freeze all of their assets; these two things will wake them. The prices we are seeing at the pump are based on speculation and nothing more. Secondly we would insist that our local and state governments run to DC to accept funding for high-speed rail. Even if we drill for fuel in the United States we do not have enough fuel to last beyond the lifetime of my unborn grandchildren. We must stop short-term thinking and do what is right, right now, to create a better life for those who come behind us.

At the end of the day there is nothing the president can do about gas prices. He can speak to solutions that should be put into place but he alone can do nothing. The truth of the matter is our government of the people and by the people requires the people to be active. We can not sit by with our hands folded in prayer and expect everything to be done. We must become active. We in number have greater power than the the oil, financial, and insurance lobbyist combined.

Links ( very good article about speculation) (more on speculation)


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