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The joy of blogging

I actually thought about naming this post "Fake Azz Christians" but I like the Republicans could not remember what I had said before on the subject. So in the joy of blogging, I shall discuss the joy I get from blogging about things that really irritate me especially when children are exposed to them. Fake azz Christians top my list. If I offend anyone today so be it. I blog as amsmadwoman for a reason.

I live in a particularly conservative area of Mississippi. I returned to my hometown to help my mother correct some personal and business matters ( I was driving back and forth 7 hours a day the previous year to help her). I knew returning home the environment to which I would expose my son. He would be exposed to homophobia, sexism, racism, social apathy to anything beyond the next means of altering one's reality, and to fake azz Christians.

I accept responsibility for putting my child in such an environment but there are times when one must do things one would rather not do. I speak with my son often about the things he sees and hears. I let him know that homophobia, racism, sexism, and escapism just will not work for him at all with me. In regards to "god" I have always spoken with him about the importance of "god" being viewed as spirit rather than a person. If you do not agree with me , my next paragraph will show to you why I am writing on this matter today.

Last night I went to do some IT work for an older relative, I took my son with me. During the course of my being there the question arose as to why I do not send my son to the local Baptist church. All things being me I explained that I do not think it well to send my son to a church when I do not share the views of the church. I then went on to explain that my son and I attend Unity services in Baton Rouge. I explained that Unity focused more on living as Christ did and less as Paul said. My elderly relative was very disappointed in my choice of lifestyles (not giving into the holy trinity). I explained that I was happy for her and whomever to practice whatever gets them through the day spiritually. I was/am not compelled to convert anyone to anything.

The minister on hand then felt obligated to quote scripture to me about spreading the good news. I could only reply "...shake the dust from your sandals." Now, let it be known my entire life I have heard that I am an ass of many different flavors. The one flavor of ass I have yet to be called is "fake azz Christian". I am not known to spread rumors or to entrain rumors. My elderly relative had just done both in regards to someone well known in the community. I do not place much store in treasures on earth but rather in my communion with my fellow humans and the earth. My elderly relative had just finished speaking of her association with someone of great wealth and she failed to see the sense of no-till farming. I could go on but why should I?

My point is you can be all you desire to be but when it comes to spirituality, be real. Young children are becoming discourage daily with Christianity. They are discourage with the show it has become. It is written be hot or cold but not lukewarm. Get real. Oh, to the joy of blogging: It allows me to rant about most anything. Therapy session done.


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