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Keeping myself honest

I post from time to time my opinion of emails and the emails on my blog. Today I am posting an email I sent to a few progressive folks on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The point of my email to these people was to recruit help for the Make Them Pay event MoveOn will have on the 18th. The reason I am posting my email is because as I was writing to ask these people for help with the event, I chased an angry rabbit (BP). I am exposing for the world my bad habit of chasing rabbits.

At the time I wrote the email, I was still seething over BP's request to drill in the gulf. I have removed a few names from the email but all else is intact.

The rant in the middle of a recruitment email for an event.


An event is being planned for the 18th of April in Biloxi as part of the nationwide call against corporations not paying fair share of taxes. You may go to to get more information on the event. We will deliver a tax bill to a tax dodging corporation. We are in luck BP is on the list. As you may have heard recently BP is petitioning to start drilling in the gulf. Now keep in mind they have not paid on claims, oil is still coming ashore, they gave diddly squat in taxes and now they wish to start operations again in the gulf.

I want to know what type of crack they are using. Did Barbour's apology give to them the impression we do not want to be paid or to have assurances that our water will remain drinkable, fish(able), and swim(able)? I am doing my best to recruits assistance for this rally without giving into a vent but I sense my anger is growing. I am appalled they had the guts to apply for permission to start drilling when so much has been left undone on the Coast.

Name removed and I had a long conversation this morning about BP and the conservative "powers that be" expecting us to bow down to BP. They expect us to not say "pay up" and to fix problems caused by BP. They forget, I cannot afford any mind altering drugs beyond coffee and domestic chocolate, therefore; I am too sane to give into the lunacy of their demands. Ok pardon my rant. I should save it for my blog. I, personally, not a directive from MoveOn, am ticked with BP and anyone who would consider allowing BP to drill in the gulf while so much is unresolved.

If you are still with me after my rant, please go to locate the council for the Coast using the "council near me tool". Please sign up to participate in the council and to help make this event a success. Remember, even if you will be out of town on the 18th there are so many ways between now and that time to help get this event off the ground.

We would like to have a meet and greet sometime in the very near future(this week or weekend) so we can get to know each other before the event. We need to build community. Name removed who is local is working now to get a time and space for the meet and greet before the event. Please contact him with your input for a good meet and greet time. I can be reached on FB as Libby Middleson or Twitter as @amsmadwoman or at yeah right. I look forward to hearing from you.

In Mississippi and on the Coast which has been hit over and over again by government red tape and corporate demands we can not wait for 2012 we must take action now.

Thanks everyone. Stay dry if possible.

Sue(Yes, I am a Mississippian, I just go on and on and on...)


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