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Warning Profanity Laced Post

Fuck It!!!!( Warning profanity laced post) Please take the time to read the title link.

I am taking the time to write my thoughts should I die today. I really want it known that I am pissed. I mostly pissed with my family but since my family drama is not as sexy as Congress, I shall write about Congress. Recently my country has faced a budget showdown that threatened to shutdown the federal government. I am so over the bullshit coming out of D.C. It seems, from my viewpoint a huge pissing contest, given my lack of being willing to piss on my fellow Americans and a lack of having a penis I did not have a dog in that contest. I felt forced to stand on the sidelines to wonder at how much green grass would be left edible after all of the pissing. What got me the most was the lamest reason of all to force a shutdown, Planned Parenthood. WTL!!!???@! The budget for Planned Parenthood will not erase the current deficit. We have some real power trippers in DC, fuck ‘em.

I am thankful the federal government did not shutdown but the yet to be seen cuts do not look to be a boon for the poor and the working poor. Fuck the middle class for it has been screwed so much that if you were not blessed enough to make the leap into the upper class you were fucked back to the level of the working poor. We have people forming fake ass parties to control the mainstream narrative given to Americans. If you make $250K a year you are not middle class. If you make $80K a year and you are a family of 5 you are middle class. If you are making under $80K a year and supporting a family of 5, bend over and do not dare ask for grease. We, the working class, allow those who control the money and access to jobs to define what and how much we should take rather than taking control of our own fucking lives. We allow these people to create situations where we are kept in a crisis rather than able to enjoy a quality of life that should be available to all in the Unites States of America. I am not calling for a yacht for every family but I am saying we should all be able to work 40 hours a week and still afford a movie once a month. The way things are now we can barely afford to pay the gas bill to get to our 40 hour a week job. Whom do we need to screw to get a subsidy?

I am tired, of being sick and I am tired of being tired from being sick. Today, I say fuck it. I say fuck it for if I do not then the stress will kill me. Tea Party members are willing to fuck over women in order to score media points. They are willing to fuck over the children we have sent overseas to fight illegitimate wars in order to position themselves for their next run for office. I say fuck it. Mike Pence (IN), Tea Party congressman, is all for shutting down the government if he can not defund Planned Parenthood. He speaks of Planned Parenthood funding abortions when that is not what it does. He is fighting to cut something of which he has no knowledge. Why worry about abortion funding and not job creation? Fuck ‘em.

The biggest least surprise is the Dems continued fight against the president. Yes, the shoot self in foot Dems are still shooting themselves in the foot. The Tea Baggers and GOP have continued to hand a loaded gun to the Dems but each time the Dems shoot themselves rather than the people who gave the gun to them. Sen. Joe Manchin, D. West VA, blames the president for not leading the Dems to a budget victory. Hell, when the Dems controlled both chambers of Congress they did not support in full any of the measures put forth by the president. Why expect the president to be vocal when he had to fight so hard to get HCR pushed by his own freaking party? I agree the president needs to do some teabagging of his own, however; I find it crazy for Dems to call on him to stand up when they have yet to stand.

At the end of the day, I am tired of the bullshit. Fuck ‘em. Fuck it. This fight is about my country and not a freaking football game. I am tired of the GOP (grand old pricks) fucking America and liberals just rolling over and taking it. It is time that the “liberal threat” becomes a real threat. We need to make a progressive agenda and promote the hell out of it. We need to promote it day and night in every venue we have opened to us. Fuck those who say we should cower in fear. We need to speak out and do it now. Whew!!! It is good to let off a little steam. I may survive this episode yet.


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